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yoga, women health, health, simple pleasures, blogging

I did mention I shall be aiming to live a healthier, fitter life {yet again} this year. It has been a perennial goal, really, but am gearing towards getting some visible results this year. For starters, I will be cutting down my meat consumption and shall be going back to my pseudo-vegetarianism {if there is such a thing} way of life. I did it for more than 4 years before so I can see no reason why I cannot do it now.

Another thing that I would be doing more of this year is my yoga class. And as proof of my newly-reignited love affair, I even put up a new blog to chronicle my journey in the mat, along with all things yoga and health related. Yoga is my hands-down weapon of choice. For starters, it does not require complicated and expensive equipment, like Polar RCX 5 or treadmill. No need to buy expensive trainers as I do it barefoot in my most comfortable pregnancy clothes! 🙂  Also, it not only helps you strengthen your core through stretching and calms the mind through meditation and relaxation, but also encourages you to be more attuned to your spirituality. It even inspires you to start a healthier lifestyle, which for a mum like me is really such a must!

yoga, women health, health, simple pleasures, blogging
my inspiration to live a healthier life…

I want to be healthier so that I can be around much longer for my little man. I want to have a stronger body so that I can wrestle, run and play along with him. I want for us to make the most of our time together. It was, after all, in this little bundle of joy that I have found my life purpose and I would love to devout my life serving that purpose.

Oh well, I have not updated my new blog much. I have only hit the mat once this month, plus other things get in the way. But, I will make sure to post about my Yoga experience there real soon. I hope you can pay my new baby, mum does yoga, a visit! 😉

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  1. Good luck to us mommy, because I’m planning also to practice to live healthy lifestyle this year ;-).
    I wanted to try yoga since but I need to inquire the price per session first, hehehe. I want to calm my mind and soul and I heard yoga can do that. hehehe, just wish it is cheaper here.

    1. i hope you will find a cheaper yoga class. mine is such a gold mine. i only pay P100 for each session, they even agreed to look after my little man while i attend my class! 🙂

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