A Plea For A Stable Judicial System

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Statement of Concern signatories

A group of concerned individuals from the Intergrated Bar of the Philippines {IBP}, the Philippine Association of Law Schools and from various law schools in the country, issued this Statement of Concern {which I am partially quoting}:

We believe that a stable judicial system is the cornerstone of a healthy economic and business environment. Local and foreign investors will be encouraged to invest in a place where they are assured that courts will function normally, will observe the rule of law, and will level the playing field for everyone.

We believe that underlying a stable judicial system is respect for the finality and immutability of judgments, which tells us that, at the risk of occasional errors, litigation must come to an end some time and the winning party must be allowed to enjoy the fruits of his victory…

We are alarmed beyond words. The case of Pioneer Insurance and Surety Corporation vs. Keppel Cebu Shipyard, Inc. transcends the private commercial interests of the parties as it involves the abandonment of sacrosanct legal doctrines that are the strength of any legal system. The case has opened the floodgate for zombie cases. From now on, no final judgment will ever remain final. Immutability of judgments will become a fiction of law. The entire judicial system will fall into disrepute.

We respectfully appeal to the Supreme Court NOT TO ABANDON the sacred and time honoured principle of immutability of judgments but to continue applying it and thereby restore and preserve the stability of our judicial system.

In the light of the recent controversies involving our Supreme Court, starting with the SteelCorp questionable liquidation proceedings, to the Pioneer Vs. Keppel fiasco, and now to the dodgy decision on the graft case against Nueva Ecija Mayor Efren Alvarez, I would like to join these concern citizens’ plea for a better judiciary system¬†in our country.

Much has been said about the issues and a lot of individuals opined that a healthy judicial system is a great factor in building a prosperous and progressive society. If only for my peace of mind that the Philippines will be a better country for my little man to thrive in in the future, I do wish positive changes start happening now.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Sadly, no matter how much we worked so hard to achieve equality, especially in the justice system, we will still won’t get it. Pera-pera lang yan as usual.

  2. When it comes to politics, I don’t really care and I am not even aware of the current news about our government. But I think that we should not just blame our government officials. People should also learn discipline. It’s a give and take. If we just cooperate, and don’t gain four our own sake, we could live a prosperous country.

    1. i just cannot help but be concern and anxious, i guess it is part of the territory {of being a mum}. i cannot agree with you more, it really is a two-way traffic and instead of just complaining about how the government is like this or like that, the people ought to do their part, too.

  3. With the way the system is right now, I don’t think it’s going to get better for our future generation. But, don’t lose hope, who knows, something good can still happen, we just need to think positive.

  4. I think people should have love among themselves because through it anything can be possible. I’m sure every supreme court regardless of what countries they belong there’s always controversy and it’s part of politics.

  5. The Supreme Court, instead of showing to the citizenry the transparency of governance and power, have become a body full of chaos and money favoring the rich. I hope your voice and others’ will be heard!

  6. My wish in the Philippines that corrupt official should be out of service so that our country will be prosperous and the poor will not be more poor…:-(

  7. I am not aware about the latter since I haven’t been watching news on TV until just recently (typhoon victim here) and yes, what’s new with the judicial system? Lagi naman ganyan. I personally have enough with issues that are associated to this department. Nakakasawa na!

  8. It’s hard to deal with issues like this because this has been going on for a couple of years. I hope the judicial system will have a strong leader full of integrity who can straighten and make a good impact on our judicial system before it’s too late.

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