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The little man is tinkering with our camera again and I just let him explore and do his thing. I tell you, he has a knack at it and has easily learned to his way around our camera that soon enough he will know how to operate it better than I do. He now knows where to locate the zoom button whenever you’re on the gallery mode, which I only learned from him!

Sometimes I worry that he’ll change something in the camera settings, but most times I just let him be. I know I won’t be too lenient about it had we not bought a shockproof camera a few years back ­čÖé

Oh well, here’s but one of the photos he’s taken, capturing this little nook of our room where we placed his stuffed friends, a colorful view from our bed. From this angle, the only thing he managed to capture are the curtains and the window, as well as Tigger + Horsie! ­čÖé

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    1. i know right? i will just find all these photos + videos shot in awkward + compromising angles whenever i check on our camera. i delete some, but most of them i simply upload on the pc, a rather nice reminder to show the little man when he is a bit bigger ­čśë

    1. he always manages to get the camera’s battery dead, photographing just about anything he can get his hands to, but i do not mind, as long as he enjoys what he is doing! ­čÖé

  1. Great job, Jared! Kids these days are so lucky and blessed to have access to cameras. If they have the talent to take pictures, they can realized that way too early because of the availability of cameras. I myself am amazed with my own daughter’s captures. Kids are great learners indeed!

    Thanks for linking this to BPC!

  2. my son does not tinker with our camera coz it’s too heavy and big for his little hands. but he “owns” my iPad, ggrrrr… and he tells me stuff that i have not even heard of… he would just say that he got that from the iPad… kids!!!! super late bpc hop here.

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