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The little man is tinkering with our camera again and I just let him explore and do his thing. I tell you, he has a knack at it and has easily learned to his way around our camera that soon enough he will know how to operate it better than I do. He now knows where to locate the zoom button whenever you’re on the gallery mode, which I only learned from him!

Sometimes I worry that he’ll change something in the camera settings, but most times I just let him be. I know I won’t be too lenient about it had we not bought a shockproof camera a few years back :)

Oh well, here’s but one of the photos he’s taken, capturing this little nook of our room where we placed his stuffed friends, a colorful view from our bed. From this angle, the only thing he managed to capture are the curtains and the window, as well as Tigger + Horsie! :)

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