A Well-Deserved Break

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I have been meaning to get some pampering done and today, even when it is just the second day of the new year, seems like the perfect time to do just that. Why, you’d ask? Because my sister, Cel, is still off from work and she can look after the little man whilst this mum gets a well-deserved break! 😀

It was also serendipitous that I was able to purchase this voucher to Ahavia Spa {I got a 70% discount on  a P2296-regular rate massage for 2 people} a few days before 2012 ends and managed to reserved for today’s 2pm session. So after an unceremonious goodbye to the little man, who was rather occupied with his toys to fuss about mum’s departure, anyway, I was headed to Manila to meet-up with Jared’s dad who was to accompany me for this venture.

Ahavia Spa was located in Greenhills and it was a good thing Jared’s dad was rather familiar with the place and we did not have a hard time looking for it. It was located in a rather laid-back section of the city and I simply love the spa’s facade. After waiting for a few minutes, and choosing a sea shell massage with a western blend for her and a volcanic stone massage with oriental ritual for him, we were ushered onto a VIP room where we will get our 2-hour massage. Yeah, we will be kneaded like breads for two hours so I was anxious and excited with anticipation at the same time, as I’ve never really experienced getting a 2-hour massage before. I would’ve loved to have my nails done, too, unfortunately the nail technician is not available.

I love the quite and relaxing ambiance of their VIP rooms. I also love the wall design and now that I think about it, I should’ve taken photos of it.  I also surveyed the bathroom and I love its simple yet elegant design and the bathroom vanity is even equipped with cotton buds, can you believe that?

Blog Photo Challenge, me-time, simple pleasures

The lady attendants were both accommodating and were really dedicated in their crafts, they were even mindful to ask every too often if the massage is just fine or if we’d prefer it harder. It was the first time I tried sea shell for a massage and I rather enjoyed it, it was quite fun guessing whether the spa attendant was using her palms or the sea shells! I particularly loved what she did on my neck, back and shoulders. All the knots on my shoulders are gone and my neck and back felt so relax. I also love the stretching part of my massage. It immediately made me miss my time on the mat.

You’d think two hours will be such a drag, but since I was groggy and very much relaxed, I was even surprised when my attendant told me that we’re done! It was one of the most delightful experience and I would love to do it again! The ladies even remind us not to take a bath after the massage and brought us hot towels, together with two cups of hot tea!

Ahavia Spa was a pleasant experience I would really love to try again. Even Jared’s dad is saying that his shoulders, which were almost always tense from driving, felt relaxed. And even when the volcanic stones were too hot to bear at some point, he also enjoyed the new experience. If only I do not plan to save a lot this year, buying another voucher is really quite a tempting idea. I want another massage on my birthday! 😀

The deal is still up on Beeconomic, so if you are rather on a spending mode and in the mood for a relaxing massage, I recommend you get one for you and your better half.

Blog Photo Challenge, simple pleasures, me-time, gifts, #fmsphotoaday

Oh and by the way, I was wearing something new that day, too, since I won’t be out with my little man, I managed to accessorize a bit and wear this lovely owl necklace, a gift from my sister for Christmas. Isn’t it lovely? 😉

Oh well, I hope you’re having the most relaxing day, too!

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Ahavia Spa
579 Mariano Marcos St.
San Juan City 1500

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  1. wow, a massage! i would love to have one soon. I love that accessory, mommy vix! love the vintage look. here for bpc! by the way… i was not able to transfer my photos yet for kid… the linky must be closed by now…:( please tag me again for next week i promise to join!

    1. the linky for kid will be open for another day, i do hope you join sis, my meme is kinda lonely with no participants 🙁

  2. i experienced spa once only and I love to do it again…good for you sis that you find time to have that spa…I bet it’s really refreshing!

    you got a nice owl pendant! same here, I only accessorize when my son is not with me..

    visiting you from 2/365 BPC

  3. I so envy you mami…I wish I can pamper myself…hay huwat nalang ko mauli ug balik sa pinas puhon kay barato ra pa pamper didto…lol!

    BPC hop pod!

    1. siningit ko na at the beginning of the year, sis. this is actually long overdue. dapat nung last year pa eh, 🙂 get yourself one, your body will thank you for it + it is also a perfect way to get ready for another gruelling year ahead 🙂

  4. Wow! A mommy’s day out and relax and unwind. I love the owl necklace too. 🙂

    Visiting from BPC 2013 here’s my BPC 2/365

    1. i loved it the first time i saw it in the catalog it was a good thing my sister is thoughtful enough to get it for me for Christmas ^_^

  5. Now that break makes me sooooo envious! I need that one, too! A spa here would cost $99, argghhh! I am not willing to pay for one at all! LOL. Lubos-lubosin ko nalang pag makauwi ako dyan! 😀

    Thanks for linking this to BPC!

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that is such a sweet relaxation Sis 🙂 I bet it feels refresh after you had your two hours of spa 🙂 I never try the spa 🙂 I am so ticklish that I might end up laughing instead of relaxing but I want to try it one day 🙂 Hope that you can do it in your birthday soon 🙂 Dropping by from the 2nd day of BPC 🙂

    1. my birthday is not due until 7 months from now so i have a lot of time to plan + save for it, sis! 😀 i used to be so ticklish, too, but i guess, you will overcome it once you’re at the spa! you should try it one of these days, your body will thank you for it! 🙂

  7. ..a spa? yay! this is something what we always deserved to have especially from the busy holidays… 🙂

    ..here for BPC 2/365. 🙂

    1. so true, that is why i made it a point to schedule it right before another year hit us like a whirlwind! 🙂

  8. all mommies deserved to get pampered after all the hardwork in preparations of the holidays. as for me, i dont think i could stand somebody else would be touching my body. lol. hubby asked me if i want to go to the spa, but i told him no, i want u to give me a massage. hehehe.. by the way, i love your necklace owl. =)

    BPC hop!

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