Cruises, the Ideal Holiday for your Family

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Ten years ago it was an unusual sight to see a family on board a cruise liner. Back then cruising holidays were reserved for the older generations and those who had money to spare. The same cannot be said today, though, because the introduction of children’s activities by many of the major cruise liners has opened this particular holiday option up to families everywhere.

So, why is cruising the ideal holiday option for your family?

Children’s entertainment

Cruise liners today offer plenty of children’s entertainment. Your children can swim, surf, ice skate, watch films in the cinema, attend craft sessions, play ball games, play in the kid’s casino, play video games and join in numerous other activities while on board. You can choose to go with them or let them do their own thing, safe in the knowledge that they are being looked after by fully-trained staff.

Kids’ clubs

Most cruise liners now run clubs throughout the year to cater for children of all ages. These professionally run clubs offer the ideal opportunity for your children to make friends and for you to get a few hours’ peace and quiet on the sun deck. The club reps organise a range of activities each day that are fun to take part in and fun to hear about when your children return.

The best of both worlds

The beauty of a family cruise is that you get to spend time as a family unit whilst also securing some time to yourself when your children are off taking part in organised entertainment. Most liners have babysitters available for evenings if you have young children, or if your children are a bit older, you can take them with you to enjoy the singers, cabaret acts and other entertainments. Cruise liners today are like floating cities, so there is always something to do with or without your children.

The day trips

Being out at sea is a lovely experience, but it is only half the experience of a cruise. You also get to enjoy plenty of day trips when you dock in the various ports on the scheduled route. Most days you and your family will awaken in a different port so you get the adventure of exploring your holiday destination time and time again. The fact that you are continually on the move dispels boredom as well, because there is always something else to look forward to on the cruise.

Value for money

A two-week family cruise can cost less than a two-week holiday to a single destination (Florida, for example). Plus, if you choose an all-inclusive package you won’t need anything but spending money from the minute you leave to the minute you return. All entertainment, day trips, meals and gratuities are included in the price, leaving you with nothing to worry about in terms of additional cost. A lot of liners now also offer family accommodation that saves money on multiple cabins and family-orientated menus with eat-when-you-want options. If you’re looking to keep the cost of your family holiday down, look for last minute cruise offers here:

Understandably, more and more cruise liners are beginning to cater for the family aspect and this can only be good for you and anyone else considering embarking on such an adventure with the family.

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