Curbing on Online Shopping

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Yes, I know I went a bit overboard with online shopping last year. I ordered a wide array of items, ranging from books, to clothes, to children’s toys, among others. I have a number of favorite which, unfortunately, I was not able to feature here just yet {but will do once I find the time ;)}. Online shopping, after all, is the most convenient thing and add boredom to the fray and a Paypal account with occasional balance, and it is contagious.

This year, as I plan to save more for the rainy days, my own savings account and, hopefully, for a yearly vacation with the little man, I shall be curbing on my online spending. No more browsing on online shops whenever I am bored to death in the middle of the night thinking of other much more interesting things to do. Of course, I’d probably make an exception on one or two occasions! 😉

Just like a few days ago when I saw these colorful Washi tapes on this site, I just had to peak and get meself some. I will use the colorful tapes for my postcarding endeavors. I also included these colorful straws for my little man. My order arrived promptly and even came with this beautiful paper surprise! I shall post about my order soon! I guess am all set for this month with my online shopping! ^_^

I also plan to be a bit more organized with my finances, or whatever semblance of it I may have, and shall be keeping tabs on my expenses, as well as on my Paypal withdrawal and stuff.  Am sure making notes will be very helpful in letting me know of my progress or my lapses. Oh well, am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be successful in this goal.

What habits of last  year you’d like to discontinue this 2013?

My 9th share for the Blog Photo Challenge and for #fmsphotoaday.

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  1. ahaha, I just blog about shopping too 🙁 Anyway late visit for bpc 9 😀 that’s cute though, will not tell you to stop shopping haha 😀

  2. I want to stop leaving the sink with dirty dishes especially at night and this year I think I am doing great…so far the kitchen sink is clean b4 I go to bed 🙂 Dropping very late from the 9th day of BPC

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