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Shoes, along with diamonds and shopping, are a girl’s best friend, you can never find a girl with less than 5 pairs or more. In fact the more pairs one own, the better! Some women would have one for every special and not-so-special occasion that they’d end up having a closet full of them long before they were even aware of it. Some others would find sheer joy at the sight of high-heeled, peep-toe patent pumps and some would find their hearts skip a beat at a sight of a brown suede boots with fur.They can never really have too many!  There is a pair for work, for socializing, for sports, for practically just about anything they do.

Of course, one of the concerns that come with having a lot of shoes, especially the expensive ones, is how to properly care for them to make sure they last a longer time. You might have to shell out a considerable amount of money on shoe maintenance products in order to keep your lovely pairs in tip top shape. Sometimes you even have to deviate from your schedule for the day just to rush to the mall to buy these items and for busy working mums, it can really be quite an ordeal!

Good thing there are sites like Foot Petals! This online shop carries a wide range of fab shoe cushions, as well as a number of new and innovative women’s shoe care items like Perfect Polish, that makes scuffs and scratches disappear instantly! Now you can simply browse online for everything on shoe care and shop for the products you fancy with just a click of a button, 100% convenient and definitely hassle-free. And their site is easy enough even for the non-internet savvy to explore. All the products are divided into clearly-visible drop-down menus, you won’t spend more than a minute locating the ones you like. Shopping for shoe care products has never been this easy!

For more information about their site and their product line, go ahead and subscribe to the Foot Petals newsletter now!

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