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the little man’s heart

It was one of those lazy Saturday when we have nothing planned for the day. I gave up on updating my blogs, too, as creative juices are simply not flowing this morning. When the little man woke up, I joined him in bed and we played and fooled around for a bit. A stroke of inspiration came to me and I started teaching the little man to make a heart from his hands. I showed him how to do it by making my own heart. Jared was too keen to learn how it was done and was forming this odd-shaped heart with his little digits. Check out the cute heart he can muster with his chubby little fingers! He was just 3, after all, and you cannot expect much. But I loved his openness to learn and how he intently followed my “fold-kiss-tail” instruction to create his heart. Hopefully studying and learning with my little tyke will be as easy and fun like this! :)

Jared, Jared's nook, Blog Photo Challenge, simple pleasures, weekends,#fmsphotoaday
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Anyway, after he allowed me to take some snaps, he was back to elbowing me out of the throne {the chair in front of the PC, that is!} so he can watch his fave videos on YouTube, and since we have nothing else to do, I let him watch a little while longer whilst I hit the bed with this new ARC of Untimed I recently received. It was way past lunch time before we decided to go downstairs and have a late lunch! Time does fly when one’s having fun!

How’s your first 2013 weekend turning?

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