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Nope, I did not hire a house help recently, I couldn’t even afford one being a stay-at-home mum and all! I am actually referring to my ever-reliable automatic washing machine, which has been nothing but a sweetheart since day one. Choosing from  different washing machine brands and models from a local appliance center and opting for Fuzzy is actually one of the best decisions we made last year! I’ve been using it for more than half-a-year already and I’ve got no complaints. And yes, you just read that right, my washer has a name! :)

Since Fuzzy came, doing the laundry has been nothing but easy-breezy. No more endless hours of hand-washing and back-breaking tedious manual labor. Now I can do my laundry in 3 easy steps: load up my laundry, put the desired amount of powder detergent and sit back! My fresh, clean and good-smelling laundry comes out ready to be air-dried after 40 minutes or depending on how long I prompted Fuzzy to wash them. Even when I still have to check on the water supply on occasions, since Fuzzy is inconveniently located in one corner of my diminutive kitchen, which makes the process semi-automatic, I have no complaints. Turning the faucet on and off is definitely quite a cheerful job if I think of the mountain of clothes that I do not have to manually wash anymore! :)

Doing the laundry with just a press of a button is really one of the best gifts I have received. Now I have more time for more important things like sitting beside my little man as he watched his favorite cartoons or heading out to spend more time outdoors. If you are still trapped in the manual-laundry prison or still require another hand to do it for you, therefore shelling out money every time you need laundry to be done, I suggest you check out this wide selection of washing machines and get one for yourself. You and your family will thank you for it. Besides, for homemakers like  us, a washing machine is really one good investment!

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