Of Flip-flopping cases + Injustices

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The Supreme Court seem to never fail to make it into the headlines. It is just rather disappointing that they are put front-and-center for one bad press after another. We have yet to see the end of the controversial Philippine Steel Corporation liquidation proceedings, and now an endless string of yet even more controversial cases ensues, starting with the retracting of a final decision made on the Pioneer Vs. Keppel case, and now the highest court in the land seem to be gearing up for yet another controversial case. This time concerning the graft case filed against Muñoz, Nueva Ecija Mayor, Efren Alvarez.

I do not want to plow into the gory details, but as fellow citizens of this country, am sure it also makes you cringe whenever you encounter these bad news concerning our country. What do you make of a Supreme Court making a final decision about a certain case and then retracting that very same decision after a few more years? What happens then to the term “final and executory?” An unstable justice system, after all, speaks volumes of how a particular country is run by its officials and also plays a vital part in its socio-economic growth. Think of foreign investors having second-thoughts on investing and putting up their businesses in our country, for example, after reading about this issues in the news?

If only for the little man’s better future, I wish the judicial system in our country take a turn for the better soon enough and all the hoopla concerning the Supreme Court will finally stop. I fervently hope that the government officials, most especially our President, immediately address these issues and make changes where appropriate.  Oh well, I know a mum like me can only hope, but for the sake of my child, I do not think I’d give up doing just that!

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  1. I guess no matter where we are or what part of the world we are in there will always be corruption and injustice. Let’s hope for a better world this year and the upcoming ones too. xx

  2. It is eternally disappointing how our justice system works here in our country. We experienced how the swat who tried to do investigation around our house when we were stripped off our valuables back in the 90’s when our house was broken into. We later learned that they were expecting some kind of “padulas” to move on with results of their investigation. We just thought to realize our loss than feed the greed. Always leaves a bad taste to the mouth. I have lost all trust in our country altogether since. This is why I really believe people will integrity should be the ones sitting there.

    May I influence you, Mommy, while I’m here to vote for Bro. Eddie in the coming elections? We need a host of godly people to have fear enough of God to make a difference in our country. Sad to say, there are not a lot. But Bro. Eddie can be a good start. 🙂

  3. I hope everything would turn out well for our judiciary system. They shouldn’t be included in one of our most corrupt departments

  4. In every country there is always injustices, corruption and unstable judgement, the bad thing is, it’s worst in the Philippines. Money and power talk, although I am not aware of what’s going in my home country, I am still hoping that the government improves for the sake of the new generation.

  5. Biblically speaking, the world is passing away and so its own desire. No politicians can give future to all of us and that’s one of the reasons why i don’t depend on them anymore because they are just full of crap. If we keep on listening to their arguments we will be disappointed each time.

  6. such action by the government is really frustrating for us mums especially if we are thinking in behalf of our kids future in the kind of governance we have

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