Organizing At Home

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some of the little one’s toy cars

When you live with a toddler, you can only do so much to organize and tidy up. Things, like toys, books, crayons and other art supplies, seem to crawl their way back to the places where you just pick them up from and it is hard to keep the place spic ‘n span, even just for a whole 30 minutes! Most times I just let them be and leave my little man to his own device, but other times, when the “OC mum” kicked in, I simply cannot ignore the clutter and I will suddenly have the urge to clean up even when the little man is still up to making a dump out of the living room. On most occasions, Jared will be cooperative and will make sure to return his stuff to their original containers, but there are also other times when he is just being himself, a toddler!

I guess I have to give up on the  little man’s things for the time being until I finally manage to get him a separate closet for all this belongings, so they won’t end up cluttering our already cramped living room. I am thinking of getting one of those tool cabinets where I can stash his toys, books and school supplies in a very organized manner. I bet it will be easier for the little man to tidy up every playtime since he will have a more spacious rack for all his knickknacks. I will  make sure to have a separate nook for his growing die-cast cars collection, too.

home, home chores, mum's thoughts

Closets and cabinets work wonders in organizing at home. Racks can very well do the trick, too. Take for example this shoe rack we bought last year to help us organize all our shoes and footwear. I got it from this groupon site who was having a promo at the time, now we have a the perfect place to put all our shoes in. Hopefully I will be able to do the same for the little man’s toys, as well as the other areas of our little home soon.

Do you have any tips + tricks on organizing at home? I’d love to hear about it. 🙂

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