A Goal To Be A Greener Mum

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I hope you are not tired of all these goals for the new year that I have written down so far because I am about to bombard you with another one. Oh well, I just find new year goals {or resolution, whichever you prefer, really} exciting and promising and I am really eyeing at achieving at least half of them towards the end of the year. So, without further ado, here is yet another one of those new year goals this mum has set up for herself, and ultimately, for her family, too.

A Goal to be a greener mum

I guess the goal to be more environment-friendly ignited more when I became a mum and I am still aiming to be a greener mum this 2013. Of course, if we can join the Greenpeace Movement and participate in their tree-planting and other earth-friendly activities, it will be such a delight, but, I must say I am taking baby steps toward this goal and are setting attainable little goals, in the process. And I am starting with my household by slowly replacing products that I used with a greener alternative.

Last year, I have ditched all our hair products for the all-natural shampoo and conditioner that Human Heart Nature sells. They have also came out with a 100%-natural cleansing soap which I am now using for the little man. Early this year, I am even more excited when I found out that they came up new greener cleaning products, the Tough Love Dishwashing Liquid and 100% Natural Liquid Detergent. I have just got a bottle of the dishwashing liquid which I plan to use on the little man’s bottles and other feeding stuff, and I will update you all about it as soon as I used it. I will make sure to get a bottle of the liquid detergent, too, the next time I visit my local branch. Hopefully they will also come up with natural all-around cleanser that I can use to clean the sink, to do serious area rug cleaning or to clean the bathroom. Oh well, am sure the geniuses at Human Heart Nature will come up with something soon, am crossing my fingers! ūüėČ

What green resolutions are you setting up for yourself this year?

image is from humanheartnature.com

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