Here’s another awesome FREE event sign-up for everyone to join, the Bloggers’ Treat and $300++ Paypal Cash Giveaway Sign Ups!

Get TWO FREE LINKS (Facebook and Twitter only) on the Rafflecopter widget in exchange for an announcement post and promoting the giveaway.

Who’s qualified?

  • Those whose blogs have a Google Page Rank of 2 and up and with Domain Authority of 35 and up ONLY.  Free-hosted domains are not allowed to join, though.
  • Those who are willing to post about the giveaway and promote it at least once a day when it is up
  • Those who will have an announcement post about the blogger sign-up

Big Treats are up for grabs for qualified bloggers!

  • $250 Cash will be raffled off to all qualified blogs!
  • $100 Cash incentive for the blog/blogger that/who refers the most contest joiners!
  • $300 initial prize for Rafflecopter entries!

Excited already? I know I am! Sign-up here to join now! :)

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