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the idyllic Dinagat Island

I remember when our little quite town of Malolos was elevated into City-hood stature in October of 2002. There was a festive atmosphere and everyone was thinking of how fantastic it would be for our town to be known as Malolos City. Along with the people’s sense of pride came the hope for a brighter future for all Maloleños as city-hood spells more business establishment to be built in our town, along with a number of career opportunities for the locals to take advantage of. It surely was one momentous event in the history of our great town.

I am sure that anyone who experience this kind of change and progress in their town will feel exactly the same. But, imagine how dispirited a person or an entire place would be when what’s supposed to be a colorful chapter in your town’s history is marred by indecisiveness and controversies. This is probably what the people of Dinagat Island felt when their petitions for their town to become a separate province from the rest of Surigao Del Norte was declared, but denied later on, by what seemed to be an ever-fickle Supreme Court. Imagine the throngs of disappointed local townsmen and a bunch of broken dreams. And wouldn’t the people think that something went amiss somewhere when after concurring to Republic Act 9355 in 2006, the powers-that-be has to sit down once again to rebuff the original decision they made and declare it unconstitutional? If there was no substantial arguments in the original claim, why did they ever came up with the said decision in the first place, right?

A lot of people deem that this is but another flip-flopping case pulled by the highest Court of our land, for some unforeseeable reasons. I am, on the other hand, hoping that no strings are pulled, no envelopes are pushed under the table and that the Supreme Court will somehow find a way to redeem itself after this case. It is, after all, the guardian upholding the people’s rights, including the right to dream for the province-hood of their beloved town. If you were a resident of this town, what would you feel?

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