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spending quality time with your children, occasions, simple pleasures, Valentines

So how was your Valentine’s? The little man and I had quite a late start and kicked-off our Valentine’s date late in the afternoon {he simply refused to go out while the sun is scorching outside and exclaimed “init {hot in our vernacular} mommy!”} with a couple of errands. And I cannot complain since even we went out rather late, it was one of our most productive day ever. We’ve been to our local post office to send a number of Valentine’s postcards and went to Mr. Quickie to have his sandals repaired. I even got a bonus, when I discovered this local Dakki outlet near the shoe repair shop and ordered a huge Lightning McQueen pillow for the little man, which I hope to get by next week. 🙂

For our date, I decided we check out the recently opened Waltermart in Guiguinto since we’ve never been there before. It was rather a little place and there isn’t much to explore really. After grabbing a quick snack, which I had to finish all by myself since the little man wasn’t too keen on eating solids yet again, we proceeded to the soft play area, which is aptly called the Action Station. I chose the 30-minute play as I thought it’s just the right amount of time for the little one to spend all his pent-up energy. I was photographing him as he enjoys the slide, the swimball and the other nooks of the play area. I even got the chance to check out a bit of this mall. If we tagged along somebody else to look after Jared whilst he plays, I would’ve loved to get a manicure/pedicure treat from the salon nearby. My nails are so begging for them! 

After the little one’s done playing, we checked out the huge LCD tv’s on display in the nearby appliance center. He got a kick watching this Despicable Me short film and I promised him we’d download a copy so that we can watch it at home, too. It took awhile for me to tear him away from the huge tellys and ushered him to the bookstore just across. A number of Valentine’s treats and gifts are on display that day. I wonder why they don’t have horse themed gifts available, I thought these will really make for one romantic Valentine’s surprise for your loved ones, won’t you agree? Even a horse-driven-carriage ride would seem perfect for the most romantic of occasions, right?

Oh well, it was probably the least of my worries as am not really there to shop for special Valentine’s gift, anyway. But, I did purchase a couple of colored waterbase pen, as well as three of these round highlighters for the little man to use for our little homeschooling project. I made him choose which colors to buy and he opted for green and yellow. I added the orange one for great measure! 🙂 I also made sure to photograph my little model with the lovely heart decoration they have in front of the store.

spending quality time with your children, occasions, simple pleasures, Valentines

Come dinnertime, the only place I’ve been fancying to eat that day was teeming with people, so I just decided to order for takeaway and eat our Chic-Boy treat at home. Jared wanted to take the take out letter issued at the cashier home, too! 🙂

All in all, I must say that our Valentine’s date went well. If my little man had a wonderful time, then I have accomplished something. Yep, I got no flowers, chocolates or cards today, but I get to create more precious memories with my little man and I could not really ask for more!  Here’s hoping your Valentine’s was equally delightful! ^_^

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