What To Expect When You’re Turning 30

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Three, Zero… Three, Zero… Three, Zero…it never gets any easier to say. It conjures up images of someone much older who has achieved their career goals, owns a nice house and car, is married to the person of their dreams, but in reality very few of these accomplishments are ticked off by the time we are 30. I’m not sure if it’s because the Y Gen are more laid back than previous generations or because life seems to be getting harder and therefore ordinary dreams are more difficult to achieve. I can’t predict what your 30’s will bring but here are a few things it has brought others.

Celebrate this milestone

As we enter each new decade, we tend to celebrate it whether we want to or not and turning 30 is no different. If you are loathing turning 30, look at what you have achieved so far and be proud of it, if you are excited for this next phase in your life, embrace all the possibilities it could bring. You are the maker of your own destiny, so get started on that birthday invitation!

If you’re not married and having children, why not?

As you pass through your 20’s and then into your 30’s, you will find that there are some people in your life that just can’t understand why you are not married and breeding an army by now. You’ll get the ‘When are you going to settle down and find a nice person to share your life with?’ or ‘I’m not getting any younger you know, I would like grandchildren one day’. Don’t despair over these comments, just ignore them and go on living life the way you intended.

Image changes

Ok, so the body isn’t holding up like it did when you were 20 and you have to work harder at the gym to burn off that piece of decadent mud cake but nothing lasts forever, right? So many people I know are too hard on themselves when it comes to the way they look. Eating healthy and keeping fit are important for the way you look and feel and this is what happens as you get older. Just remember, you are not alone in this battle, it is happening to all of us!

Expect life to be different

I don’t mean the day you turn 30, everything will change but your 30’s are very rarely like your 20’s. The 20’s are for having carefree fun, travelling and not knowing where life will take you next. For most people I know, their 30’s have been about securing a career, buying a house (investment or otherwise) and thinking about the bigger picture. This is not to say you won’t have fun in your 30’s because you will, it’s just a different kind of fun.

Whether you are married, single, working or unemployed, your 30’s will be a turning point in your life and a decade you will reflect on in your later years as one you wish you could go back to.

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The Fila Polo Cup 2013 Carnival

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FILA, the brand that features innovation while still taking its cues from a rich and storied past, pull out all the stops as they salute 2013 with the highly-anticipated Brazilian Carnival-themed FILA Polo Cup!

The FILA Polo Cup 2013 took place on 10 February at plush Forbes Park’s The Manila Polo Club. The annual event kicks off with the Low Goal game at 2pm, followed by the High Goal game at 4pm. Festivities, with more glitz that ever before, took place after at 6pm. Brazilian-born actor and FILA endorser Fabio Ide, aced the hosting duties, as Guarana, the Escola de Samba de Manila Dancers, the Maracuja Dancers, and Talentadong Pinoy Hall-of-Famer Astroboy, entertained everyone who attends the colorful event.

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The FILA endorsers Tim Yap, Georgina Wilson, Borgy Manotoc and Fabio Ide

Many of Manila’s finest graced the momentous occasion, including fellow FILA endorsers endorsers Georgina Wilson, Borgy Manotoc, Tim Yap, and FILA’s first couple, president and CEO of FILA Philippines Cris Albert and husband and company chairman, Butch Albert, who also happens to  be celebrating his birthday this month of hearts.

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the fierce, Astroboy!

The Brazilian Carnival concept came full circle with the enthralling performances by Guarana, the country’s leading proponents of traditional and authentic Bossa Nova and Samba. The Escola de Samba de Manila, founded by the same brilliant minds behind Guarana, has taken unto itself the task of bringing Brazilian Carnival to the event with their bright, festive colors and infectious, pulsating rhythms, the closest we can get to experience an authentic Mardi Gras festival without leaving the country!

Manila’s premiere hoop artist and Talentadong Pinoy Grand Champion, Astroboy, did not disappoint with his fiery display of fierceness.  This 2011-2012 Talentadong Pinoy Hall of Famer is largely self-taught, learning the art of the hula-hoop in Paris, and honing his talent as part of the New York-based troupe The Gyronauts.

You’d ask, why Brazilian Carnival?  Simply because nothing beats the Brazilian method when it comes to emotion, color, atmosphere, and sheer over-the-top joyous celebration.  This is a perfect welcome for FILA’s bigger direction in 2013. FILA, the oldest and wisest of the brands, has stayed true to boldness, color, and design, throughout its history.  Fans and enthusiasts alike can look forward to more of this in the new year, but elevated to a whole new level.

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Santi Laborde, Sam Hunt, Mark Field, Raffy Llamas {back}, Iñigo Zobel, Cris Albert, and Fila brand endorsers, Borgy, Georgina, Fabio and Tim

FILA die-hards and those just discovering the marque excitedly awaits the new brands and new lines with the revamped range including sport and lifestyle masterpieces for just about anyone, including the following:

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  • FILA Everest –  a no-nonsense brand that believes in dreaming big and doing big, Everest is built for those who lead the extreme active lifestyle and regularly tread on the cutting edge. This is for the nature adventurer, lightweight but protective, Everest shoes are designed to meet the performance needs of the adventurous people who epitomizes the old adage, “tough times never last but tough people do,” yet it remains comfortable, allowing more freedom of movement without sacrificing durability.
  • FILA Outdoors – More than a brand, Outdoors is an answer to a question.  It is a response to one of the deepest and most basic of human needs, the desire to bring back the simple joys and pleasures of childhood.  It is the direct result of the blood that runs through our veins, and the revolutionary return of the Pinoy.  It is what FILA consumers want and need.
  • FILA Tiva – The Heart of Tiva is escape, a yearning for love, light, freedom.  It is for the girl who takes the road less traveled.  The Soul of Tiva is the mantra “follow the light.”  It represents a new lifestyle and culture that loves the open sea, freedom, and nature.  It follows alternative sports like surfing, diving and kiteboarding, but with less emphasis on performance and more detail on the soul.
  • FILA Freestyle – A new hyper brand forged by the classic timelessness of FILA Vintage and the irresistible call of FILA Outdoors.  A brand full of strength and personality, it screams youth at its prime but reflects a respect for the classics.  Freestyle is for the Old Timeless, Livewire, Agro, Emo, Creative fun-seeker.  Freestyle is anything but shy.

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FILA strongly believes that sport is an artform, a combination of beauty, passion, form, luxury and movement.   Sport is inspiring and inspired, it can be viewed as a painting in a gallery or a ballet in a theater. As a company founded in Italy, FILA, more than anyone, recognizes the art of sport, the importance of design, and the feel uniquely tied to it.

Look for your favorite FILA brands in the following local branches:  SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM Cebu, Ayala Malls Glorietta, Ayala Malls Trinoma,  Ayala Malls Pavilion, Ayala Malls Market! Market!,  Ayala Malls Cebu, Ayala Malls Marquee Pampanga, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Ermita, Robinsons Cebu, Robinsons Iloilo, Robinsons Bacolod, Robinsons Lipa, Robinsons Metroeast, Robinsons Dumaguete, Robinsons Tacloban, Robinsons General Santos, Robinsons Ilocos Norte, Limketkai Cagayan de Oro, Island City Mall Bohol, Festival Mall Alabang, Ever Commonwealth, Ever Cainta, D’Mall Boracay,  Gaisano Capital Tacloban, Gaisano Capital Ormoc, Gaisano Capital Kalibo,  NCC Mall Davao,  NCC Mall Tagum, LCC Legazpi.

For more information about their products and the company, do not forget to visit the Fila Website .

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5 Best South Pacific Islands for Family Travellers

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Manono Island in Samoa

A holiday in the south pacific is perfect for Aussie families, you’ve never got far to go, you’ve always got lots to do, and you’ll always find a warm welcome. Here are our top 5 picks for South Pacific family-friendly holidays.


Many Tahitian hotels have fantastic family programs and kids clubs. Many Aussie families are choosing Tahiti as their new favourite destination, with activities to keep kids busy and parents relaxed and carefree.

Kids can go horse riding through the lush rainforests, snorkelling with tropical reef fish nand swimming with dolphins or sea turtles. Parents can enjoy exploring the islands on scooters with kids riding on the back seat, or take the young ones on their first helicopter ride to see the incredible islands and oceans by air. Air Tahiti Nui flights run year-round from many Aussie cities.

Cook Islands

To the east of Samoa and Tonga you’ll find the Cook Islands, a group of 15 beautiful islands that see Aussie families enjoying happy holidays all year round. Rarotonga, one of the two main islands, is surrounding by beautiful coral reefs that are a paradise for any kid interested in marine life or snorkelling.

Kids can go pony trekking, play mini golf, go on 4WD safaris, and swim in the crystal clear lagoon waters while parents stretch out on a white beach to catch some sun rays and relax. Captain Tama’s lagoon cruise is a must-do for families, a glass bottomed boat will take you through the lagoon waters to an island where you’ll be entertained and fed in traditional Cook Island style, and snorkelling is included.


The Fijian locals are always happy to meet new travellers and introduce them to their island home. With over 300 islands making up Fiji there’s so much to explore, and you’ll have no trouble enlisting the help of a local to guide you and your family through all the best ways to help you do it.

Fiji is only about 4 hours flight time from Australia’s eastern coast, so lots of Aussie families are making their way across to discover this neighbouring paradise. There are so many activities for kids and all sorts of water sports that are bound to keep kids entertained and tucker them out after a long day of play. Being such a family friendly destination, many of the resorts have kids clubs that will allow you to relax while the kids are off exploring Fiji and learning about its culture, the history and the natural environment.


Vanuatu is a group of over 80 islands, renowned for its stunning coral reefs and thriving tropical wildlife, from exquisite bird life to the spectacular reef fish that inhabit its crystalline waters. For any kids with a keen interest in wildlife, Vanuatu is a must-see.

There’s a wealth of local culture to be discovered, kids will love learning traditional songs and dances and enjoy elaborate feasts of local cuisine. They can also learn about traditional hunting and fishing methods, and even watch fire walking ceremonies. It’s a destination for wild little ones that will educate and entertain at once.


Samoa consists of only ten islands, but each one has something unique to offer. There’s wild rainforest, volcanic peaks and sandy beaches to suit all sorts of family activities and tastes.

Kids will marvel at the To Sua Ocean Trench, a huge natural hole in Lotofaga with deep crystal-clear sea water at the bottom that makes the perfect swimming hole. Not far from To Sua there’s a lava field with a geyser and tide pools that are perfect for kids. There are natural caves and waterfalls too, and on Savai’i kids can swim with and feed turtles.

With any of these destinations you can’t go wrong, you’ll love the island life and your kids won’t want to leave. A South Pacific holiday is sure to impress the whole family and as soon as you’re the kids will be begging you to start planning the next one.

image credit goes to Sonja Pieper, Flickr

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