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Everyone loves to come home to a beautifully-made house at the end of a tiring work day. For us stay-at-home mums, there is nothing more precious than being cooped up with our little ones in the confines and comfort of our little lovely nests, even when we get all tired from the chores and our little bosses! Our home, with the familiar soothing scents and easy-on-the-eye pieces we put here and there, and the comfort it offers, more than make up for one tiring and stressful day.

We need not really break the bank to get on with that long-overdue home improvement projects, in fact we can start with really simple retouch in different parts of our homes and we’re all done. Of course, it will be much better if we can hire a professional to do this for us, but for most of us who cannot afford one, DIY-ing our home interior is the next best thing!

Here are a few things you might want to add to your home to make it more homey:

  • Install a new carpet ~ you can start with just a small one and put it in the living room, see  how it instantly adds life and color to the room. Even when you might require an expert carpet cleaning in the near future, you’ll agree that doing this is one of the easiest fix you can do for your home.
  • Bring plants and flowers indoors ~ place a pot of herbs on your dining table or a vase of colorful blooms in your bedroom. They instantly add character, not to mention a dash of color, to your living space. Notice how they make you feel more relaxed, too. I saw this lovely pot of lemon leaves in one blog a few days back and I am planning to make one of my own which I can put in my little dining table.
  • Love ’em scented candles ~ the calming scents do work wonders for the stressed and the over-worked. Light up a few of them while you dine or before you go to bed for one soothing experience. Just make sure to put them off before leaving them and keep the matches out of the little ones’ reach.
  • The paintings’ on the wall ~ nope, you do not necessarily need to purchase a very expensive painting from a distinguished artist, in fact, if you or anyone from the family has any artistic inclination, you can have your works framed and place it on any of your plain walls. Or, maybe you can make a lovely collage of your little one’s doodles and display it. This will inspire him more to create more masterpiece on his spare time!

It is quite simple to beautify your home, you do not need to have loads of extra cash in your wallet, even. All you need is a little creativity and unlimited imagination.

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