BrainFitness For Successful Learning In Children

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I got interested with brain fitness when I watched this informative Brain Rules for Babies DVD. Dr. Medina, who also wrote a book with the same name, believes that being physically active is actually key to brain fitness and successful learning in children. He also believes that children’s brains are more active and alive when they are in the playground bouncing about compared to when they are in the classroom and are actually studying. He also notes that the classroom set-up is the perfect anti-thesis to keeping the brain awake, active and ready to receive new information, and therefore, is counter-productive. Baffling if you ask me! I was thinking, “if this is so, what is the purpose of sending our children to school if they will not learn through that set-up, anyway?”

Since I saw that video, I have aimed to plan more physical activities for the little man, may that be as menial as going out for a short walk or running around in our little living room. I have to keep him active every way I can just so I know his brain is having the proper work out.

learning, Learning is fun, children learning, services for children, mum's thoughts
this might be a hazy photo but it is quite evident that the little man is having such a grand time! 😉

The goal to know more about brain fitness to help the little man lean more is what prompts me to sign up for the Brain Fit Studio intimate media event when one of my mummy blogger friends asked for participants in one of our groups. And I am glad I did! I had a very pleasant Friday night discovering about brain fitness and bonding with other mums in attendance. The little man found a haven and was at-home right away!  :-))

Brain Fitness in a nutshell

Brain fitness is about having mental processes arising from more efficient and stronger connections in the brain. It involves activities that strengthen existing and building new brain connections. The brain’s fitness level influence the 5 pillars of cognitive development, which ultimately impact how we acquire knowledge, retain the information, apply what we learned and perform in excellent manner.

learning, Learning is fun, children learning, services for children, mum's thoughts
Teacher Marlene discussing the 5 pillars of the brain

The 5 pillars of the brain:

  • Attention and Memory {absorbs and retains information}
  • Auditory {remember sounds and words}
  • Sensory Motor {for holding and manipulating things}
  • Visual {which visualize patterns and interpret the difference between “b” and “d”}
  • Social/Emotional {which creates the desire to learn and build sense of pride}

learning, Learning is fun, children learning, services for children, mum's thoughts

The truth is Modern Science is still eons away from grasping the various concepts and functions of the human brain, but there had been more findings about it in the last 5 years than there ever was in the past. These neuro-scientific principles are what make the foundation of BrainFit Studio‘s personalized brain training. They believe that stronger brain promote better learning in children, thereby making them more willing and eager to learn, gaining more wisdom and having a sense of pride in what they have accomplished, making them happier children! 

The BrainFit Studio Process

  • The first step is to make an objective assessment of your child’s brain fitness using the Cognitive Map, a tool that determines which of your child’s 5 brain pillars need enhancement
  • Recommendations are then made and a programme best suited for your child’s unique needs is designed. This programme can include any of the following modules: SMART Moves {for Sensory Motor}, SMART Vision {for Visual}, SMART Focus {for Attention and Memory}, SMART Move {for Sensory Motor}, SMART Listening {for Auditory} and SMART Emotions {for Social Emotional}.
  • Each module is made up of 20 fun-filled and engaging sessions, each lasting for 50 minutes. Each class has no more than 6 participants and each student’s progress is religiously tracked.
learning, Learning is fun, children learning, services for children, mum's thoughts
the little man giving the trampoline a go 🙂

Mums and children alike got the chance to try out some of the BrainFit activities and I must say they are not that easy, but totally fun and exciting. Jared had a blast trying out the trampoline and wouldn’t want to part with it. He also had a wonderful time trying his hand on the other activities that were lined up for the kiddos. It is also quite comforting to know that it is never too late for mums to have fitter brains, too, and at the end of the day, I must say we had a fitter and stronger brains when we left the premises of BrainFit in Greenhills.

Massive thanks to the BrainFit Studio staff for looking and running after the little man and to sis Ia, who blogs at Special Education Philippines, for inviting us to this event!  :-))

learning, Learning is fun, children learning, services for children, mum's thoughts, events
The 1st Philippine BrainFit Conference

Of course, there is no way I can sum up all the wonderful things I discover about brain fitness in a post, so if you are dying to learn more I encourage you to attend The 1st Philippine Brain-Based Conference happening at the CEU Auditorium in Mendiola on 25 March, 2013 from 1-5pm. They are flying in Neuro-Science expert Dr. Martha S. Burns, Ph.D. from the US. Educators, parents and students are all invited to join. Admission is FREE and all you have to do is pre-register at

For more information about Brain Fitness and the upcoming BrainFit Studio event do visit the BrainFit Studio Website or follow the BrainFit Studio Philippnes Facebook Fan Page, or you can always drop by their place at:

BrainFit Studio
3/F 224 Ortigas Avenue,
Metrosquare Bldg., Greenhills, San Juan 1502
{02}725-8500 or 0917-599-1992

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  1. First and foremost, it is a pleasure to be in the company of great moms like you. I have to say I have not read Dr. Medina’s book about brain rules for babies. I should remember to borrow it from you one of these days. Like what you said, there’s more we need to learn about the brain and it’s good to stay informed of the developments on brain research. That’s why I am really anticipating this Brain Fitness Conference because this is the first time I have heard of this here in the Philippines. 🙂

    1. no problem, I will bring it the next time we attend an event together so you can read it. I would love to participate in the conference, too, I just do not know where to leave the little man while I do. I hope I can work something out.

  2. this sounds very interesting, is there available for adults too? LOL! I need brain lessons too. I noticed that my brain isn’t functioning right anymore and i tend to forget things.

    1. their program is for children up to 18 years old, though. i feel for you, my brain is addled sometimes, too. the key is to stay active. run around your yard or go out for an afternoon run. if we were neighbors, i’d invite you to run with me. i would love to try it soon! 😀

  3. This is great activity for kids, their brains are really working. I hope my son can experience this kind of activities. He is hyper active but it is also better if he mingled with others.

    1. my little man is exactly like that, super active. I try to bring him to places + events like this so he can mingle + play with other children, but i might have to enroll him in a play school soon so he can have more playmates + friends. is your son an only child, too?

  4. My daughter who will start schooling next year needs this kind of brain activities. I remember my child reading the small letters of p and q. She’s having a hard time to distinguished which is which, because of the visual effect of the letters.

  5. 🙁 i really wish i could attend this. i’m a preschool teacher and this will be very helpful to me. however, my family is spending the Holy Week in the province..

  6. that is interesting.. this would probably work if the kid is a toddler. as a mommy of a toddler, i always have a play time, study time, and outdoor time. a play time would be blocks, puzzles, and coloring book which is mix with study time because my kids games are more like educational. outdoor time would be like physical exercise, and some fresh air.

    1. surprisingly, this is actually more for school-aged kids who need a boost in learning. i wish i can be more organized like you + allot time for those activities. on most days i just follow my son’s lead, who apparently wants to spend more time in front of the telly! 🙁 but i try to incorporate reading + playing regularly + i make sure he goes out for some fresh air often, too!

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