Keeping Summer Family Traditions Alive

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Even when I was a little girl, summer will prove to  be my most favorite season of the year {second only to Christmas, but who does not love Christmas anyway?} not because we go out on lavish out-of-town vacations or quick beach getaway. The truth is we have only gone on too few family outings when I was little. We cannot afford the extra expenses as my parents are sending all five of us to school. What I actually look forward during summers are the precious time I spent with my siblings and my parents.

We spent the afternoon biking around the neighborhood, and the nearest places, and when we get tired we would grab a quick snack from our favorite local halo-halo joint. When we get tired of biking, we’d set up a mat in the dried up rice fields and Papa would fly a kite. Mama will bring some goodies for us to munch on {which can be any fruit in season, some chips or any dessert she recently cooked} and viola, an impromptu picnic!

On other days, when the sun is simply unbearably-hot, we’d stay cooped up at home watching our favorite Bond films on Betamax or you’d probably find us huddled in the center table in the living room, with our nose buried in each of our letters of Scrabble, thinking of what words to try next. Scrabble is our all-time favorite board game and many a summer nights, or days, are spent beating the one who won the last game. Other times, you will simply find us devouring my father’s old Reader’s Digest copies. And when summer is about to end, we will wait for the very first rain in May and play under it! 😀

To say that I had a happy childhood is an understatement. I have so many wonderful memories of childhood, in fact, that I will always remember them, especially during those times when I miss my parents the most or when I am particularly having a difficult time as an adult. I consider my childhood memories as my lifeline and my sanctuary, a special place I go back to when times are rough.

That is why I would love for my little man to have the best childhood, too, and I would love for our simple yet special family traditions to carry on to the next generation. I would love for Jared to enjoy all those little things that I used to enjoy when I was a child. I owe it to him, and I owe it to my parents. It is one perfect way to let my son experience how wonderful my parents were even now that they were gone. It is one perfect way to keep my parents’ memories alive, too. If we carry on the tradition, I am sure my little man would love for his own children to experience them.

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