Looking For Interesting Wedding Favors?

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black + white salt + pepper shaker wedding favor

Gone are the days when wedding guests receive boring wedding favors after another from attending numerous wedding celebrations. These plain, and seemingly ordinary, favors are often left in the display cabinet to gather dust, practically worthless! Nowadays, would-be married couples, and their wedding coordinators, can choose from a wide selection of practical and useful favors to dole out to their delighted guests on their wedding day. It not only makes one’s wedding stand out from the rest, but it also gives your guest something actually interesting and valuable to take home with for a change, as a remembrance from your big day.

tips + tricks, weddings
silver-plated julep cup wedding favor

Couples can select from unique items ranging from salt and pepper shakers, bottle stoppers, card holders, and coasters to reusable shopping bags and whether they want to pull out all the stops in giving wedding tokens and opt to give expensive wines and paper soaps or are in quite a tight budget and would rather opt for the more affordable and practical items, they are sure to find something that will definitely pique bother their and their guests’ interest. They can even have these items personalized to match their wedding theme or color motif.

It won’t be too expensive and stressful to look for the best wedding favors for your big day, you just have to know where and what to look for!  😉

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