March Is Here

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Time really flies. It seemed like it was only yesterday that we are ushering the new month and now we are welcoming another new month! I wonder where February had gone? The little man and I had been on our toes a lot and I will make sure to share with you most of those adventures in the coming days.

I am guilty, I know, too, that I have not been able to update this baby religiously and that you have been seeing more and more of those obligation posts that keep the business afloat. But I do hope you hang in there. A lot of ideas for would-be posts are prancing in my mind as I write this. I just need to find the time to turn them into actual posts, and I will.

March has always been one of the months that I look forward to since I was a child. It was summer, after all, and every student is looking forward to the summer break. I am hoping we can go for a swim, in a beach or pool does not matter really, before this month ends. It has been awhile and I am raring to hit the beach. Should be exciting as always.¬† ūüėé

This month will also prove to be quite a challenging month ahead. I will be adding more to my plate by getting this regular online gig and I do not know how I’d fare. It would mean spending more time online but I will make sure to get my butt off the chair loads of times, too, and spend as much time with my ¬†impressionable little man as well.

Oh well, here’s wishing that March is treating you well.

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