Movie Date Sunday: The Croods

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this photo was taken when we watched the IronMan3 film in April

The little man was so looking forward to watching this film ever since he saw the movie poster last year. So I was not surprised when he said yes to watching it last Sunday just after we got home from our 2-day swimming with my brother and his family and friends. I was feeling rather well rested so I said yes when my sister invited us to go to the mall with her.

It was rather late when we arrived but we still managed to buy tickets and grab a snack {our favorite: a tub of popcorn and a huge tumbler of iced tea} and get in a little earlier than the 7.05 showtime, so we were able to catch the last part of the film.

:film: This film is set in the pre-historic era featuring a family of cavemen led by their father, Grugg {voiced by my favorite Nicolas Cage, so I guess it was not only the little man who’s going to enjoy this film!}, who managed to keep his family safe and sound in the harsh world by following the instructions drawn in their cave walls by their ancestors. Grugg was a typical dad, over-protective, strict and boring! He was also a stickler to the rule and would rule out any pursuit of curiosity and discovery of something new. For him everything not written on their cave walls are not allowed, are dangerous and are potential killers. He lived by the rule and never dreams of deviating from them if only he can keep his family alive.

Eep {Emma Stone}, the eldest daughter, on the other hand, is one adventurous and spirited girl who is bored of their little safe cave existence. She wants to satisfy her curiosity and would love to explore the rest of their world, even if it means putting her life on the line. One fateful night, while the rest of the family are fast asleep, she ventured out from the cave and into the great world outside. She bumped into one intelligent caveman, Guy {Ryan Reynolds}, and followed him in his journey to find the perfect place to live in, which he called “Tomorrow.”

The rest of the family, Grams, mum Ugga, son Thunk, and little daughter Sandy, was sold to the idea and Grugg, unwillingly obliged. Reluctantly, he agreed to leave their dark existence in the caves and began living under the sun more. They had the best adventure meeting colorful and huge animals and other pre-historic creatures in their quest to follow Tomorrow.

Okay I have to stop now, otherwise I will just be such a killjoy and ruin the surprise for you. I give this film a  :film: :film: :film: rating {highest of which is 5}. It is fun and enjoyable to watch. There were both funny and touching parts and even the little man cannot help but laugh. Most of all, it teaches us about the importance of sticking with our family no matter what. This film is still showing in theaters and I’d recommend for you to watch it with your family this weekend.

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