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The bane of leading a very busy life, I sometimes overlook a few things here and there and forget about a couple of things along the way. That is what exactly happened to me when I open my email earlier and find this notification from Godaddy that one of my domains are expiring real soon and that I have to make the necessary actions lest I will lose my blog! This domain has just recently been transferred to me that I forgot to note its expiry date.

Of course, I was rattled off to my rocker. Sure this is not the first time that one of my domains are expiring and I need to renew it, but upon logging on to my account and entered an appropriate code {just so I can renew my domain at a much lower price :-)}, the code simply won’t work and it is breaking my heart to pay that much amount when I know that I can renew domains for a minimal fee. If you personally know me, you would know that I cannot tell the difference between a media server and a hosting plan, and that talks that involve codes, domain and the likes are normally gibberish to me.

It was a good thing I kept my composure and after searching online for promo codes, I found one that actually works! Using the code CJC795DOM, I get to renew my domain for another year for only $8.67 instead of paying the full amount of $15.80. That for me is quite a big savings!  😀 It might be an ordinary and very mundane tasks for some, others can probably do this with one eyes closed, but for me, it really is quite a feat and I pat myself on the back that I can now renew my domains without bugging someone to help me.

Oh by the way, in case you also plan to renew your domains, or get a new one, perhaps, do not forget to check out Godaddy’s promo codes to get big discounts! 😉

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