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Since time immemorial, man has been fascinated with the future and the unknown. In fact, our keen interest on soothsayers, palm readers and fortune tellers has survived centuries upon centuries and lived onto this day and age. In the dawn of  computers and modern technology, this colorful tradition carried on and kept up with the times. Now you can easily go online and search for a psychic service if you want fortune telling or palm reading services. Everything is done with a click of a button and with the convenience that the world wide web brings.

I have not personally tried going to a psychic for a reading but given the chance, I would like to give it a shot. There was a time when I went to Quiapo, where a bunch of fortune tellers lined up the side walk, if only I had more time then, I would’ve stopped for a tarot card or palm  reading. I think it would’ve been quite an experience.  My mama once had an unsolicited palm reading from a stranger and told her that all her children will eventually graduate from College {I was still in the university at the time}. That palm reader was right, after all, my parents were able to send all 5 of us to College.

Not most of us believe in fortune telling but trying it out, even once in  your life, will prove to be a worthwhile undertaking. Have you tried it yet?

image credit goes to John Stephen Dwyer {2009}, Wikipedia

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