Potty Training Reloaded

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Jared’s blue potty

I bought the little man a little blue potty last year with plans of potty training him soon. He was showing keen interest on the toilet bowl and I reckon he is big enough to tackle this. our first few tries were quite impressive. I simply told him to ask mum for the potty whenever he wants to poop and off he did! His very first foray into potty training was real success. Our next few attempts were also successful and I thought we’re heading straight to diaper freedom. But it seemed like the novelty of his new potty wore off and after a few weeks we were back to soiling his diaper again.

This year, though, he started showing interest on the potty again. Of course, I made sure to put it in a spot in the bathroom where he can easily see it and be reminded of it. We might have missed on  a couple of occasions but I think my little man has mastered the art of pooping in his potty down pat! He now automatically asks for it whenever he feels like going.

Teaching him to pee in the potty may seem like a different story, though. He’s probably too accustomed to peeing in his diapers that he is having a hard time adjusting to the new method. I’d experiment on getting rid of the disposable diapers during daytime and used cloth diaper inserts instead, or dress him in one of his Cars underwear, reminding him to ask for his potty when he feels like peeing. The results were disastrous at best. Instead of telling me he’d go to the potty to pee, he’d tell me he is wet when he’s already peed on his underwear. I’d end up with a mound of peed-on underwear, not to mention the bed and the sofa, too! And don’t forget the mess on the floor!

I guess Jared still needs to get the hang of peeing on his potty and I do hope he learns it soon. He will soon outgrow his current diaper brand, which is the biggest size available, and I do not want to start trying another brand. I’d also want to give his skin a rest from all the diapering. Hopefully we learn this soon enough.

Any tips on potty training your tots?

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