Summer Activities with Children: Go Bowling

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One of the best things you can do this summer with your children is to go and play bowling. Find the nearest place where you can book for a game or two, perhaps Bowling Macomb MI or nearby, and spend an entire day of fun, physical activity and bonding with the entire family. You may not get the hang of the sports as faster as you wish you could, but, for sure, you and your family will have such a great time learning the game together. It also is a great work out to keep the little ones on their toes.

Bowling is probably the closest sport to my heart. No, I am not good at it, in fact I was never really good even if I dream to be. You see, one of the best childhood memories I have of summer are those days when we accompany our father in their annual bowling tournament at work on Saturdays. So for me bowling is such a star. My father loves it, too and he is good at it. In fact, if you’d visit our home, you would find a place there that is especially set up for all the trophies he and his team won in this sport. At the time, me and my siblings really look forward to those Saturdays when Papa will tag us along to his work and bring us along to his games after office hours. It was such a real treat and made our Saturday the best day in the week. There are five of us, and Papa cannot bring all of us at the same time, so we took turns and kept tabs of who is going every single weekend. There are also times when we would go by pairs or on occasions, we would all go together at the same time, accompanied by Mama.

Papa’s bowling games were usually held in Astrobowl, which at the time, is probably the most distinguished, and the largest, bowling alley in the country. Even the world champion, Paeng Nepomuceno, went there to play and practice this sports and we have seen him a couple of times there, too. If I remember it correctly Papa even had his photo taken with this amazing athlete.

On most occasions, we would actually put on our own bowling shoes and play a game or two. Papa would choose the lightest of balls so us kids won’t have a hard time hurling them onto the alley. As for me, I would normally opt for the most colorful balls there were!  :laugh: And we would normally cap the day by having a slice or two of those delicious Magoo’s Pizza, which you can only find in this place. It was my favorite! And even when I did not get to excel in this sport, those fond memories will always make it my most favorite.

One of these days I will bring my little man to a bowling alley so that he can have a taste of bowling, too. He loves balls and I bet he will be enamored to this sport in no time. If you have children who will be bored since school is out and they have noting much to do, I suggest you do the same, I promise you won’t regret it! 😉

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are 100% my own.

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