A Few Treats For Dads

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I bet even mum will agree that dad is also the most overworked {oh well, second to mum, of course! ;)} and often tired member of our family. That is why it will probably be a very nifty idea  to give dad a break and reward him with a few treats after a long, grueling week at work. These surprises can range from the most simple to the most elaborate and expensive things you can think of that will surely bring twinkle to dad’s eyes. Think corn hole game sets or whatever floats dad’s boat the best or whatever it is that he needed the most at the moment.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Treat dad to a spa ~ he might have qualms about having his toes treated to one session of rest and relaxation, but his feet {tired from all the driving and walking} will definitely thank him for it and he will definitely enjoy the experience so much more that he will be willing to admit!
  • Cook his favorite dish ~ after all, the best way to man’s heart is still through his stomach. So why not prepare his favorite dishes over the weekend as a special treat and as your simple way of telling him how much you appreciate all the hard work he’s putting in for the family?
  • Create dad his own space at home ~ nothing beats relaxing in his own quiet corner without being interrupted. You can re-purpose an old unused portion of the living room to be dad’s nook, and fill it with his favorite things: books, collectibles, dvd’s, game cards and other items that he enjoys. You might also want to check out TrueMancave for more stuff to put in your designated spot for the best man in the house.

Depending on dad’s tastes and preference, I am sure you can think of a lot of other special and creative ways to treat the most special man in your life. What’s the first on your list?

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    1. aw, already? some good things never really last. but i am sure you have made loads of wonderful memories together in that one month! ^_^

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