“Find Him A Playmate”

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the little man doing kiddie karaoke with Ate Shane + her cousins

This is what Jared’s pedia advised me when we recently went to her clinic for the little man’s scheduled check-up. Although our pedia was very delighted with Jared’s progress in speaking, she advised me to find a playgroup or a preschool for toddlers where Jared can attend. Interacting with kids his age will work wonders for him, she said and I guess I cannot agree more. Apart from helping him with his language and speech, I am sure having regular playmates and being surrounded by children his age will also be good for his self-esteem and emotional maturity.

So plans of having him homeschooled or enrolling to Kumon will be put off for the time being. Instead I will be scouting for a local playschool to enroll my little man. Any suggestions?

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