Movie Date: Iron Man 3

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Jared + Rylan showing off their Iron Man 3 movie tickets

The last time we went on a movie date was when we watched The Croods last month, so I am really excited to go and watch another film again! This time we went to see Iron Man 3 and I guess you can tell that even I was excited to see it. After all, I have loved Robert Downey, Jr. since his Ally McBeal days, way before he transformed into his ultra-mega hot superhero alter ego!

This movie date was also special since instead of just me and the little man watching {which is almost always the case}, we’ve tagged along Jared’s dad and my dear friend Moi, along with her son Rylan, one of Jared’s buddies.

It was Jared’s dad who bought our tickets for the first day screening of the film and lucky enough he was able to secure our slots for the Block Screening of Iron Man 3 at Cinema 7 of Trinoma! As expected, people were already stalking outside the cinema entrance way before the 5PM screening. It was a good thing we decided to come early. We had enough time to grab a quick snack before waiting for Moi and Rylan to arrive and lining up to gain entrance. Jared and Rylan passed the time having their photos taken by the movie poster and playing around like little boys their age love to do.

Excitement and anticipation is in the air when they finally beckoned the people to enter the cinema. Even our two little men cannot hide their excitement.

Iron Man 3 in a nutshell

our Block Screening Iron Man 3 tickets

The first 2 installment of this film franchise took us to the transformation of playboy millionaire Tony Stark into one worry-free hotshot who realized he made big mistakes {with his Stark Industries company, which he inherited from his father, Howard} and wanted to ammend them. The third and latest film showcases a ghost from his past {1999} named Aldrich Killian, finally catching up with Tony. It also shows how he has grown  too attached to his Iron Man suit and how he spent numerous sleepless nights tinkering with his favorite toy, coming up with numerous Iron Man suits that were safely stashed in his underground workroom, the latest of which is Mark 42, which Tony can summon with his thoughts, thanks to the micro chips embedded under his skin.

Tony has to fight his own personal demons, work on his relationship with Pepper and catch the bad guy, Mandarin, whose one of the attacks sent his pal and Stark Industries’ head of security, Happy, to the hospital and has just taken the President of the United States as hostage.  Plus, he also has to worry about his Malibu mansion, which the terrorist has blown into bits and pieces!

Mum’s two cents

before the film started…

I can clearly remember the very first IronMan film although I do not remember seeing the second one. Even so, I can easily say that this is the best Iron Man ever. Even Rylan agrees!  😀

RDJ is simply awesome! Even Gwyneth Paltrow {who also happens to be my fave} as Virginia “Pepper” Potts is great! {and I really wish I had her abs!} Don Cheadle is also a shoe-in for Iron Patriot. Ben Kingsley also did an outstanding portrayal of the Mandarin and the wicked twist will actually blow you away!  😀

:film: :film: :film: :film: :film: for this and I suggest you catch it this weekend with your family. It earned a G rating but since there are highly-explosive and rather violent scenes, as expected of an action-packed film, be sure to guide your little ones through these delicate scenes.

credits go to my friend Moi for the first and last images

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