Mum’s Hair Woes

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My hair has been naturally-wavy and all over the place ever since I can remember. I also remember having this love-hate relationship with it since I was a little girl. I have always sported long hair because that is the way my father liked it {yep, sounds archaic but so true!} and I have this recollection of how I hate waking up with my hair so disheveled and all messy! I simply do not like the idea of combing my long hair, navigating from one tangle after another. There are just too many and it was so darn frustrating! Good thing Mama is always there to save the day, lest I am sure I will be going to school looking all tacky and unkempt!

Now that I am all grown up, after a lone relaxing treatment ages ago and a considerable amount of shampoo and conditioner, I am back with my rather frustrating relationship with my hair. I am tired of it being long almost all my life and I wanted to have a new hairstyle. But on the other, I wanted something I can easily manage as I go about my  day-to-day activities, that I was undecided about a new short hairstyle, thinking a long one which I can easily tie into a ponytail, is always the most convenient hairstyle for a mum like me. I have actually cut a few inches off my hair on two occasions now and I am rather proud of my handiwork. This will be in preparation for my plans to have it cut really short later on.

Oh well, choosing human hair wigs sounds easier, if you ask me, and convenient, too. Can you believe that woman in the picture is wearing one? I bet wigs will look great all the time and there are less tangles and no falling hair to worry. Oh well, until I know exactly what to do with my hair, it will be perpetually tied in band. I do hope it won’t mind!

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  1. Got the same dilemma Vix, that’s why haven’t changed my hairstyle in such a loooong time. I am considering cutting it short too but in this heat, tying it in a bun up so high is indeed very convenient. 🙂

    1. So true, right? If mums like us can afford to go to the salon regularly, it would be great. I’ve been really wanting to cut my hair short for a while now, but a short hair needs considerable amount of maintenance compared to longer hair. It’s not too convenient for mums like us! 🙁

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