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The first quarter of the year is done but I am in no way near my target weight for this year. I cannot complain much as I know I am guilty as charged. I have not been working hard on getting regular work out and it has been ages since I hit my yoga mat. Well, my instructor is partly to blame since she has been crazy busy these past few months and we have not been having our Tuesday and Thursday classes for like ages now, even the little man is missing the Yoga center. And although I know very well that I can always do it at home, it still is different when I am doing it with someone to guide me whenever I am doing one pose wrong.

I have been meaning to do yoga at home and some running, too, but alas, it almost always feel like I do not have enough energy to do them and whenever I had the urge to, something always comes up. I am not sure if the universe is conspiring for me to not get the work out that I badly need, but I know that it is time to take matters into my hands if I’d want to lose at least a pound or two at the end of this month.

health, health products, women health, weight loss

Apart from my half-sedentary life, my very enthusiastic appetite is also partly to blame for all the unwanted flab and the unsightly bump in my mid-section. It seems as if I have turned into one emotional eater and when I am feeling rather bored, I eat to pass the time, when I am feeling agitated, I find something to munch on, and when the little one is preoccupied with something else and was just leaving me to my devices, I eat. If only I could scrape the saddle bags off, I’d definitely would and if only I could suppress the more-than-willing-to-binge taste buds, believe me, I’d have done it long ago.

My sister and I even tried this food supplement late last year to aid us in our quest to lose weight to no avail. I don’t think I’d lose weight even if I put more fiber into my diet, unless I really put a curb on eating everything I fancy! I am thinking that if diets are out of the questions, maybe the best option for me will have to be diet supplements. I came across this promising weight loss supplement, activ8 x, while I was working late one night and I really thought that if ever it would come down to taking diet pills to regulate my eating, I’d definitely go for this one.

Firstly, I love that it is safe and natural as it  does not contain caffeine or other harmful chemicals unlike other slimming aids around. It contains 10  ingredients which are clinically-proven to work on the different focus areas of  weight loss.  I also like the fact that it can go well with any other diet plan one has, may that be Dukan, Atkins, Mediterranean, Southbeach or other diets, and was also proven to get rid of the lost weight for good. And since this diet supplement comes in drop forms, there are no bitter pills involved in your plans to shed the extra weight, simply drop it under your tongue and wait for the potent supplement to do its works! Brilliant, right? It even comes with a free AVX Diet plan, free worldwide shipping and a 100% money-back guarantee with every order, so what more can you really ask for? I am sold on this product that if it boils down to requiring a diet supplement to help me lose weight, I will be sure to get this one. Check out  Activ8 X Diet Drops on Facebook for more information.

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