Product Review: Address Stickers From Label Yourself

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review, product review
address sticker labels from LabelYourself

I love stickers! That is why when I was offered to review these address sticker labels, I readily agreed. Actually, I was offered a GBP30-voucher which I can use to get any item I fancy from Label Yourself and I opted for these lovely address stickers which is just perfect for my postcrossing hobby!

I received the package shortly after I made my order online and the prompt delivery is really a plus in my book considering these items came all the way from the UK!

Label Yourself in a nutshell

As I’ve mentioned, I was given a GBP30 voucher which I used to get any item that interest me from this site. It was a good thing I ordered these products myself so that I can tell you now how easy-peasy it is to do it! 🙂

Apart from sticker labels they also have a wide array of other exciting label products to choose from, including labels for clothes, customized ID cards and name badges, lanyards, an assortment of wristbands ranging from silicone to fabric ones, as well as customized woven labels for any of your labeling needs. Their site caters to just about anyone, from mums which schooling kids to big corporations that organized numerous events and functions. Labels are perfect for corporate gatherings, event giveaways or simply to keep your children’s school stuff properly named and organized.

What I love about my address sticker labels

review, product review
my address sticker labels in action! had to blur my address for security reasons

I personalized my address stickers by including, of course, the details of my mailing address and my name, and adding a simple hint of cuteness by putting this lovely smiling sun character {there are other characters to choose from}.   😀

I was actually expecting paper sticker labels so I was surprised when I received these labels in waterproof material. They stick neatly into place so I won’t have to trouble myself with painstakingly gluing those homemade address labels I made one by one. Now, putting return addresses to my postcards is easy-breezy! And since they are made of durable, water-proof material, I am sure they can stand long travels and journeys, and I won’t have to worry about lost postcard ever again as even when they cannot reach their respective recipients, I bet they can return to me every single time {of course, lost envelopes in the Post Office is an entirely different story :(}!

I also love the size of my labels, they are a perfect fit to the return address section of my postcards!  :-))

review, product review
A big envelope like this is too much for a roll of stickers, won’t you agree? Nevertheless, I love these cool stickers! ^_^

The only concern I’ve got with Label Yourself is the unnecessarily-big envelope my stickers came with. They sure can use smaller ones to cut on the shipping cost, too. Otherwise, I give my sticker labels  :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:! They are perfect additions to the postcards I mail out regularly!

For all your labeling needs, do not forget to check out LabelYourself today! And did I tell you, they ship anywhere in the world for only GBP2.95? 🙂

Disclaimer: I was given free items for review purposes, however, opinions stated here are 100% my own.

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  1. You had me at “waterproof”. I’ve come across several sticker options that fade away fast. So this product is definitely something worth spending on.

    1. i totally agree! i also fell in love with them when i found out they were made of waterproof materials! 🙂

    1. you might as well check out, they have a wide selection of stickers and tags you can use for your products 🙂

  2. Labels are really useful especially when you travel. Label stickers make it easier for lost luggage to be found. These stickers are waterproof great find!

    1. yes sis, especially when my penmanship suck most of the time + i am really having difficulty writing!

  3. Oh how I miss my address labels that I use during my postcrossing days. I miss it terribly. Have you tried ordering from sis Sigrid? I got my stickers from her for a really cheap price. Just to clarify, just these stickers for your 30 GBP voucher?!

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