The Little Man’s First Visit To The Dentist

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I thought it was the best time for the little man’s first dental visit this year so I checked online for potential dentists to try. I was actually advised by my pedia to check out pediatric dentists in Manila instead of trying out regular dentists locally, as pediatric dentists know perfectly how to examine and treat the little one’s chompers. After a few online search, I have found exactly the pediatric dentist my pedia was talking about. But it was a good thing I came across a mummy friend, Gene, who went there earlier this year with her 4-year old toddler and recommended that I check out this other dentist, instead.  Which I did. I went to check for the dentist’s contact details online and contacted him the next day.

Dr. Edwin G. Vismanos of the Happy Child Dental Clinic responded to my inquiry, and was kind enough to give me instructions on how to go to their clinic, too. We scheduled Jared’s very first dental appointment on the 2nd of April.

The Very First Dental Appointment

The place was easy enough to find. The most distinguished landmark is the Sto. Domingo Church and you just have to take the footbridge in front of it to get across.  Besides, we took a cab to go there so that Jared won’t have to endure the heat while riding a public transportation. That way, even when we had quite a long journey {we are coming from Bulacan, remember?}, the little man still looks fresh when we arrived to the place.

The little man actually thought we are going to ActiveFun and good thing there was actually a makeshift play area in the clinic, complete with a little slide and loads of toys for Jared to enjoy and pass the time while we wait for our turn. The dentist was currently attending to two little patients when we arrived and the little man thoroughly enjoyed the slide and the toys by the time it was his turn to be checked. Meanwhile, I busied myself filling-up forms while waiting.

Before we took to the dentist chair, the dentist explained the full procedure to me, complete with photos and illustrations so that I can fully understand and grasp how the process will go about. Jared’s examination probably took only about 5 minutes. Of course, he was putting up a fight and I had to carry him on the dentist chair just so the dentist can peek right through his mouth. The little man was crying and making a fuss, which is just what I expected. Dr. Vismanos quickly perused his teeth and counted them, too. After the examination, the little man was made to pick for a toy reward and as expected, he went for the little blue toy car!

Dr. Vismanos told me that from that brief once-over, he did not see any damage or any cause for alarm with regards to my son’s teeth. He was just concerned about the yellow build-up in several teeth, including the molars, and was not sure whether there are damages and cavities hidden beneath them. He suggested that Jared be scheduled for oral prophylaxis, noting that since the build-up on his teeth are unusually harder compared to the normal build-up on children’s teeth, the regular machine used to clean grown up’s teeth will be used in the procedure. Jared will have to be sedated and therefore, has to drink a tablet 30 minutes before the procedure. He said this pill will make my son sleepy but still awake while his teeth are being cleaned. He also added that there’s totally no side effects and that Jared won’t experience any trauma, neither will he remember anything about the procedure.

He gave me an assessment of the expense the cleaning will entail. The oral sedative costs Php2,000 and fluoride is at Php800. All in all, I have to prepare about P4,000 for the entire session. And since I do not have any dental insurance, the entire amount has to come out of my pocket!

It was not really the expense I was worried about. I am more concerned about the sedative and how it will affect my son. As much as I can, I do not want to cause him unnecessary pain or trauma, or side effects from medicine that is not necessary for him to take anyway. And inasmuch as I would like for my little man to have clean and healthy chompers, I think this procedure can wait until he is a bit bigger and older. Anyway, I have accomplished what we set out to do that day, which is to have his teeth examined, and I guess that will do for now. Of course, that is just my two cents, other mums would probably agree.

Mum’s two cents

I highly recommend the Happy Child Dental Clinic and Dr. Edwin Vismanos. This clinic is perfect for first time mums like me who has no inkling of how a child’s dentist appointment will go about. He will guide you through every steps with his manual, complete with photos and illustration of every procedure that your child might need to have. He even spends time teaching children how to properly brush their teeth with the aid of his larger than life chompers and toothbrush. His clinic is also very child-friendly. As I mentioned, the little man actually thought we went to a play area! He charges Php400 for Jared’s tooth examination, a very reasonable price, if you ask me.

Too bad I was not able to take photos of the little man’s very first dental appointment, I guess I was rather worried about how our session would go that it completely slipped my mind.  🙁

Happy Child Dental Clinic
Rm 307 Medical Arts Bldg.
#11 Banawe Ave. cor. Cardiz St., Quezon City

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  1. in the day when we will llittle we go to the family denists and if you were good he give you a ice cream

    1. the dentist only manage to peruse his teeth + was not able to apply anything on them. but after the appointment, i make it a point that he brush his chompers regularly! no more excuses! 🙂

  2. The dental cost is too high… we’re just contented with our city dentist and we just provide for the anesthesia and the rest will handle by the government dentist…

    1. it is a bit high. but you will be surprised that other mums are actually paying much higher fees to have their children get dentures, fillings and cleaning…as for me, i think my son is still young for those treatments….i never had them when i was younger, anyway! 🙂

  3. We have dental card but my son is not using it so this year we did not renew it. I’m planning to visit pedia-dentist this summer and thanks for this post because I have no idea that it would cost me thousand of pesos.

    1. no problem. basic fee is just Pph400, you will only get to shell out more if other procedures need to be done with your son’s teeth.

  4. wow, that much for a dental check-up? lucky that we and our family were covered by our company during these dental exams, prophylaxis and extraction. indeed, insurance is needed. Yahweh bless.

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