A Few More Back-To-School Essentials

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cheap address label, tableware + face towels

A few more weeks and we are saying goodbye to the beautiful summer season and ushering in the cold rainy months {at least in our part of the globe}. Along with the wet weather, we also welcoming the new school year and I am sure as early as two months ago mums of school-aged kids are already hoarding on school stuffs like bags, books, shoes and uniforms. Shopping for these items early will prove to be beneficial as prices are expected to hike up once the opening of school nears. Plus you also get to avoid the maddening crowd that almost always comes with last-minute shopping. If I were to shop for the little man’s school stuff, I know I will visit the mall or the bookstore earlier to avoid the rush and the stress that goes with it.

Anyway, am sure most mums are probably set and ready for the new school year, but for those who will be doing another quick visit to the bookstore to get things that they might have forgotten the first time, you might as well stock up on these essentials, too.

  • Cheap address labels ~ are most ideal especially for pre-school kids who might have difficulty figuring out which notebooks are theirs in a mound of several dozens of identical notebooks. I recommend you get those personalized address labels and add a couple of your little one’s favorite cartoon character or super hero in them so that he can spot his stuff easily.
  • Colorful face towels ~ get the 100% combed cotton type which are perfect for children who perspire profusely. They can use them to wipe sweat and dirt from their skin and double as a perfect cloth to put on their backs on a hot afternoon. I am a fan of these face towels and I got mine from Bench. They sell for Php69 each and are available in a wide array of colors so you can get a set for your little boy or your fashionista little girl
  • Spoon/fork/chopstick set ~ this is perfect for mums who prepare their children’s meal for school. Throw in one of these set and your kiddos are good to go. It even comes with a cute bag to stuff the tableware in so they can easily stash it in their bags or lunchbox. I found this at  Landmark in Trinoma. The bag comes in different colors so you can get the one in your little tots favorite shade. They sell at Php49 a set.

I am sure you have a few more back-to-school essentials to add to this list so do not forget to drop a comment and tell me all about it! Here’s to another great school year ahead!  😀

first image is from www.colorfulimages.com

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    1. i love the tableware set, it gives OC-ish mums like me piece of mind! you should get one for your girl, too! 🙂

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