Yes, mum now has a new partner in boosting her immune system with Conzace Multivitamins!

Late last year, I was able to try these vitamins {check out my post here} and after a few months, I must say that I now have a trusted and dependable partner in making sure that I am healthy all year round so that I can perform the multitude of tasks that a mum-of-a-three-year-old has to do. For starters, compared to all the doctor consultation and visits I went through last year, surprisingly, I have yet to visit a doctor this year. Needless to say, even when I have not transformed into one lean mum {which I have been dreaming of} and still struggling to lose a lot of extra pounds, I can proudly say that I am healthy and only had to deal with occasional, yet tolerable, headache and cough and cold. When I do not get sick, I get to do a lot of activities and a lot of playtime with my little man, too!

What you’ll love about Conzace

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Strong white blood cells that can fight germs and viruses makes for stronger immunity

First and foremost, did you know that Conzace is the #1 Prescribed multivitamins for heavy duty immunity? With Conzace, too, you can bid goodbye to an assortment of pills that you have to take in on a daily basis. If you are just like me who are not too fond of downing one pill after another, Conzace is a god-send. It combines the following in one single soft gel capsule:

  • Vitamin C (500mg)

  • Vitamins A and E (100 IU of Vitamin E)

  • Zinc (25mg Zinc), which is higher than most popular vitamins in the Philippines have.

health, women health, health products, products
when our white blood cells are weak they will not be able to ward off illnesses and diseases

Secondly, These vitamins and nutrients all play a vital role in helping boost our immune system. Vitamin C develops white blood cells, while Vitamins A and E intensify their protection. Zinc, on the other hand, multiplies white blood cells to ensure that we have just the right number in our body to defend us from illnesses. A daily dose of Conzace, therefore, help boost our immune system to the maximum to prevent us from getting sick.

health, women health, health products, products
since we can only absorb 400g of Vitamin C, Conzace add in other important immunity nutrients to their capsule

Conzace also took advantage of the fact that our body can only take in up to 400g of Vitamin C at any given time. So instead of dosing up on more Vitamin C, they wisely added more immunity nutrients in their capsules.

Apart from that, all the nutrients found in Conzace has anti-oxidants properties.

Personally, I experienced having a very good night sleep whenever I take this multivitamins a few hours before going to bed. It might mean missing out on working online into the wee hours of the night, but it meant having my cells regenerate and getting just the right amount of zzzz, I have no complaints about it!

Even my sister, Cel, is now a big fan of Conzace. In fact, she is the one who reminds me to  buy more if we are running on empty, if not volunteering to refill our stash. She said her monthly menstruation has been coming regularly every month ever since I asked her to try Conzace with me. We have long suspected she is having hormonal imbalance due to the delay in her monthly period, but I must agree that it is Conzace’s ability to develop white blood cells and help us maintain the right amount of it in our body that made this surprising chance possible. My sister now swears by Conzace and refuse to take any other vitamins!

Conzace is available in Mercury Drugs, Watson’s and other leading drugstores at Php12.40 {SRP}. To know more about their product and to let them know about the benefits the multivitamins gave you, do not forget to check out the Conzace Facebook Fan Page.

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