How to Give a Unique Gift at a Baby Shower

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a simple yet cute baby shower gift set

Traditionally, when a friend gave birth, you would buy a card and a little gift for the new baby after he or she had arrived. One of the latest trends though(which we can thank our neighbors across the pond for is for the friends of the mum-to-be to throw a baby shower. Baby showers are great fun; they’re a way for everyone to celebrate the pregnancy, share parenting tips and hopefully enjoy some cake! A big part of the baby shower tradition, however, is giving gifts. This can be quite a high-pressure event – what if other people have spent more on their gifts? What if you give the same present as somebody else? What if you forget the gender of the baby and hand over an assortment of baby blue when everyone else gives pink?! A good suggestion to combat these potential social faux pas (apart from the last one, which you will just have to plough through with a smile and a return receipt) is to try to choose an unusual gift. Baby outfits, toys and nursery decorations are all undeniably useful, but the parents will probably receive more than enough of these. Selecting something a little bit different will make your gift stand out from the rest, and show the expectant mum how much thought you have put into it. It might even earn you an extra slice of cake!

Below are some of our favorite unique gift ideas

A Family Tree

This is a brilliant gift idea if you’re a family member, or close enough to the family to know details of relative’s names and connections. Some companies allow you to make customized family tree posters online, or if you’re good with arts and crafts then you could always create your own tree to be displayed on the wall. Add in the names of the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and then leave a gap for the baby for the parents to fill in once they have decided on a name. This is a really unique way to celebrate the birth of the new arrival, and it will also be something that the child will treasure as they get older.

A Baby Coin Set

When giving gifts before the baby is born, it can be difficult to get anything that’s personal. Their birthday, name and even gender can sometimes be complete surprises. One thing you can be quite sure on, though, is the year that the baby will be born (unless the due date is late December!) so year-dated gifts are a good choice. The Royal Mint do a range of baby and christening gifts, where you should be able to find a coin that suits your tastes and budgets. Lucky silver pennies and ‘My First Coins’ sets are both unique keepsakes that are a great alternative to the usual silver bangles or spoons. If you have a large budget, you could even consider one of the Mint’s more expensive coins, which could serve as an investment for the child when it’s older.

Name A Star

Naming a star after a newborn baby is a really special way to mark the importance of the birth. Usually, these come as gift sets which allow the parents to fill in the details to register the star once the baby is born and a name has been chosen, so its still a suitable gift for a baby shower. The baby then usually receives a gift certificate and information about their personal star. It is such an interesting thing to have, meaning that you are also giving the gift of the baby always having a fun fact about themselves to share!

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