How To Look Fabulous in Whatever Body Shape You’re In

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Ever since my body shape drastically changed after giving birth, I really had a hard time finding the clothes that fit perfectly. Nothing from my old wardrobe seem to fit and those that actually do are never the same size I used to wear! I have to admit, I have grown bigger the last four years after giving birth to my little man. I have trouble coping with the weight gain most of the time and other times I am in denial, struggling to make some of my old clothes fit, but in vain. That is why I had this nagging feeling that I do not look as good as I used to. There are bulges and unsightly lumps everywhere and I am feeling more uncomfortable each day.

Now that I have been living with the saddlebags for a while, since I have not been successful in getting rid of them as much as I want to, I think I have also grown to accept that I have considerable grown in the last 4 years and I am starting to feel comfortable in my own skin again. Am trying to live and deal with the extra weight and all its physical manifestations, as well as trying to accept that I may never look and weigh the same way. The best thing I’ve ever done so far to ease the discomfort is to wear appropriately-sized underthings and I tell you they make a world of difference.

Here’s a fabulous infographic I recently came across that will guide you in choosing the right underwear to flatter whatever body shape you have and trust me, be wise enough to heed these nifty tips as they can really work magic in making you look and feel great. Of course, we can think about the work out and diet, afterwards!  :laugh:

Figure Fixers - Lingerie and Shapewear Fitting Guide - Marisota

Figure Fixers – Lingerie and Shapewear Fitting Guide – An infographic by the team at Marisota

Let me know what you think about this infographic in a comment below, right?

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