Our Simple Mother’s Day Celebration

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spending quality time with your children, Mother's Day, simple pleasures, mum's thoughts
Mother’s Day morning

It was a fine day, Mother’s Day. I had no special presents or fancy dinner, just a couple of greetings from friends and family. I had a very simple yet special celebration with my son. I devoted the day entirely to his needs and wants. And come to think of it, Jared is the reason why I am celebrating this day of mums and it is only fitting that I did it spending my time with and for him. Just the way I like it!

My first gift of the day came in forms of wet kisses when the little man woke up. I was teaching him how to say “Mummy, Happy Mother’s Day!” but he has his own version. Instead of what I taught he will always tell me, “Mummy, Happy Mummy’s Day!” I thought that was rather sweet!  :heart:

Initially we planned to spend the day out by visiting my parents at the memorial and going to the mall to dine out, but the little man had other plans in mind. He said he wanted to watch cartoons on the telly and I agreed. By the time I was ready to go, he said he’d like to see Toy Story again and reasoned that it is still hot outside for us to go out. I have discovered not too long ago that you cannot win any argument with a toddler, so after giving quite a good fight, I finally gave in. Besides, it was really quite hot outside and we are both having a bit of cough and colds. Put Toy Story on and prepared some afternoon snacks for me and the little man. He was content with the rice crackers and pineapple juice I gave him and did not even give the carrot sticks with butter cookie a second look!

spending quality time with your children, Mother's Day, simple pleasures, mum's thoughts
goofing around while watching TV

By 6pm, we found this cute film showing in one of the local channels and decided to watch it. I had no idea Chicken Run is a clay animation thing, nevertheless, we liked it, at least the part that we were able to catch. By this time, too, the little man requested dinner and asked for his current favorite ~ corned beef. I was not planning to cook dinner anymore since he’s not normally up to the task and would rather have his bottle, but since the little man requested for it, I quickly prepared the ingredients and sauteed one can of corned beef from our stash. We had a lovely simple dinner and I was delighted the little man ate a lot!

By bedtime, even without his afternoon nap, Jared still had enough energy in him to ask me to write the alphabet on his Iron Man 3 notebook. I told him we’d do this in the bedroom. After a couple of letters, I told him it was time for us to sleep and that we’d continue with our alphabet the next day. Tired and sleepy, he readily agreed and its light out!

How was your Mother’s Day Celebration?

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