A Moment When I realized That My Little Man Is No Longer A Baby

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Jared, Jared's nook, mum's thoughts, tot schooling, Blog Photo Challenge, #fmsphotoaday
my little playschooler

Time does fly when one is having fun and I guess no matter how difficult and challenging motherhood is I have the most wonderful time of my life and in retrospect I wonder where the almost-four-years have gone.

My little man is no longer a baby. In fact, I am sensing he will try to get rid of me sooner than I will expect and accept. I was just looking at him during one of those sessions in playschool when this epiphany traversed in my head. Gone were the days when I was the center of his universe and when he was reliant on me on everything that he needed and wanted. Now, he would like to do things on his own, if he can get away with it. He can now spend a considerable amount of time away from me and will only miss me during the first hour that I am away or when I was taking very long with whatever it is that is keeping me away from him.

Jared, Jared's nook, mum's thoughts, tot schooling, Blog Photo Challenge, #fmsphotoaday
story telling time with Teacher Kai, Jared + the rest of his classmates

I know I cannot keep him shielded and protected in my arms and that one day I will just have to let him go and spread his wings and explore what the world has in store for him. I am sure I am going to have a very severe attack of separation anxiety by then, but in the meantime, I will just enjoy the most of what we have together and relish the warmth of his wet kisses and warm embrace while he lets me!

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  1. I so can relate!Whenever my baby girl,who is a baby no more, would be able to do things on her own,I get teary-eyed for two reasons. One because im proud of her.Two, because sooner or later she wont need me anymore.

  2. My son’s age is twice your son’s and you can imagine how I’m panicking twice more than you should. Truly, time flies very swiftly when you’re a mom and we’d sometimes wish there are more than 24 hours in a day, not only because we enjoy every minute of being with our kids, but also because of the many, many chores we need to accomplish! You’re right, let’s just enjoy these precious moments while we can.

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