Enhance Your Memories With Photojeepney {A Review + A Giveaway}

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Pictures are tangible mementos of our precious memories, the milestones in our little one’s lives, as well as our most unforgettable experiences, whether they may be sitting in neat files on our computer hardware or tucked safely in volumes of non-acidic photo albums stacked one after another for posterity in our living room. I remember my father consuming an entire roll of films just capturing all five of us kids going about in our day-to-day activities. I never fully understood why he did that until I became a parent myself. I took photos of my son almost all the time, the little one was so used to having his photo taken and posing for the camera long before he learned to say his name. The blessing of having point-and-shoot cameras readily available to anyone who’s interested. The downside, though, is that not most of us can take pictures so well and I am so guilty of that. I really suck at taking photographs that I always end up editing photos before I get to upload them on my blogs. I just wish I had the time to edit photos before I have them printed, too.

For those of us who badly needs help in improving our photos, I have good news for you. No need to fret, whine and worry, as now we can easily  have our photos edited and improved through Photojeepney.com. The photo above is a cartoonized version of me and the little man, I won this from Pinay Ads’ Photojeepney giveaway in March.

Photojeepney.com in a nutshell

giveaway alert, giveaways, product review, reviews

Photojeepney is your one-stop online photo center.  It is a web-based service center that aims to answer and solve all our picture-related woes. It is an online photo studio that transform our drab and blah photos into priceless keepsakes and beautiful treasures.

Photojeepney offers various imaging services including Photo Retouching or Photo Restroration, as well as Photo Reconstruction service, like color correction and body cropping, that allows them to fix photo problems with just a few clicks. Apart from that they also provide other fun and funky imaging services that gives a whole new dimension and life to your photos, including Photo Montage {where they collate selected photos in beautiful ready-made templates for enhanced viewing experience}, Caricature {which transforms raw images to fun, funky and cute masterpieces}, Cartonized Art, Facebook Cover Photo and Instafects. They also carry photo frames and keychains, and provides photo printing services, too.  All these imaging and fun art services can also be combined with print and frame packages at very affordable prices.

giveaway alert, giveaways, product review, reviews

 The site is easy enough to use and you can order photos with these very easy steps:

  • Create a free account at photojeepney.com
  • Select the services you want to avail
  • Upload your images
  • Select your preferred template {when applicable}
  • Submit your order
  • Pay for it online with your Paypal or VISA/Mastercard.  Payment made through Cebuana Lhuillier and BPI bank deposit are also accepted
  • Wait for your photos to be delivered. Digital copies will be delivered right in your mailbox the same day you ordered while physical copies will be shipped to your specified address in a day or two

Mum’s two cents

I had the chance to explore the Photojeepney site when I availed of my giveaway prize a few months back and I must admit that the site is easy enough for anyone to use. Uploading photos are done fast and you can have your enhanced photos in no time. I also love that they offer reasonable price for all their products and services.

Also, I get to try the site again through the coupon code that was provided for me recently. Guess what, while I was finishing my post, the photo I ordered this morning just came in. A very fast service!  :-))

:yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: for this service and I recommend that you try it the next time you need photo or image enhacing services done.

Photojeepney Coupon Code Giveaway

Time now to reward our loyal readers through a giveaway. Photojeepney is giving away 10 Coupon Codes to 10 lucky winners. All you have to do is join using the Rafflecopter widget below {if it is not working kindly click on the link for the form to open in a new window. thanks!}, and do not worry, the tasks are easy-peasy!  😀 This giveaway is open Worldwide and rendered photos will be sent vial e-mail and will run until the end of the month so do tell your friends and their friends to join in, too! Good luck! 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Km. 26 The Richdale
Sumulong Highway Sta. Cruz
Antipolo City, PH 1870
:phone:  661-4108, 0917-6673864
:cell: :09182715950 or 0923-6576946 {Look for Michael}
:mail:  customercare@photojeepney.com
website: https://www.photojeepney.com/

Last two images are courtesy of photojeepney.com

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I was provided a free code to try out the products and services in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and views stated here are 100% my own.

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    1. That’s great! I have learned a bit of photo enhancing myself, but would sometimes rather leave it to the hands of the experts like my brother or Photojeepney 🙂

  1. First time to see your hubby sis 🙂 Nywei, I love such services too, especially when they are/have online /services! Kudos!

    1. this is the first time i posted a pic of him here! ^_^ True,having available services online sort of changes the game, right? 😉

  2. I’ll try this one. This will be perfect for the family pic scrapbook that I am working on now. Nice family pic! Is that your husband?

      1. Partner in crime…nice! How long have you been married? Glad to know a mom who still find time for blogging despite their busy schedules. 🙂 I hope I can do the same with my baby.

        1. i am sure you will find the time to blog around your busy schedules. i normally do it during night time or in the wee hours of the morning when my little man is fast asleep 🙂

  3. Photo enhancing before you print it nowadays is very fun as there are lots of services that offers this fun art.

    1. that’s true. services like this make photo printing, collecting + scrapbooking even more fun + enjoyable!

    1. wow! thank you so much for this. i miss receiving awards like this, it has been ages since I got one 🙂 will be sure to check it out + create my post as soon as i find the time.

      thanks heaps! ^_^

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