Get A Despicable Me 2 Toy For Every McDonald’s Happy Meal

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If you are a mum with a child who loves the minions from the film Despicable Me, then I am guessing you are having a McDonald’s Happy Meal diet in the next few weeks as they offer free minion toys from Despicable Me 2, which by the way will be showin in cinemas nationwide come 05 July. I am sure your child, much like my own, would be so excited to collect each of the 9 minion toys that come with each Happy Meal, so prepare your tummy and your wallet!  😀

promos, McDonald's Happy Meal, toys, freebie alert

There are 7 minions and 2 evil minions in this collection, including Dave Gadget Grabber, Tom Googly Eyes Grabber, Tim Giggling, Stuart Light Up Grabber, Tim Giggle Grabber, Stuart Babbler Grabber and Evil Minions Noisemaker and Chomper. We already have 2, Tim Giggling and Tom Googly Eyes Grabber, from our visit to our local McDonald’s earlier and we hope to collect all of them in the next few days!

Which minions have you got so far? Do share in a comment below and let’s all have fun collecting!  😀

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