How To Best Treat Acne?

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acne is a woman’s woe

Acne is probably one of the worse skin problems a person has to deal with. Skin problems are a curse and affect both genders, people of all ages and sizes. Clear skin treatments can be found on every shelf out there,however it’s up to us to choose the correct product for our skin. Reading up beforehand can help you make the most accurate decision as to which treatment can provide you with the most relief. Skin Helpers provide reviews on various skin care products. Imagine the trouble of waking up each day to all the nasty breakouts in your face and skin? Not to mention the implications it has on the way you view and value yourself, as well as the way you relate to other people. I was lucky to not have encountered this skin woe in all of my 33 years of life. Sure I had those breakouts when I was a teenager and tried a number of soaps and facial wash to ward them off, thank goodness! Of course, I have a few pimple scars which I got for not listening to my father whenever he warned me not to prick a zit or two, but they are otherwise tolerable and something I can live with.

I know that some people are not as lucky and that there are others who had to fight pimple and acne all the way through their adult life, take Jared’s dad, for example. Up to these days, he would still have these zits everywhere even in his 30’s. With a very oily skin type and a not-so-healthy habit of smoking, he is very susceptible to pimple and acne. It is a good thing that he, along with a multitude of other people who share the same woes, can not have access to the most effective way to fight acne and beat it for good, but I will get to that later.

Acne in a nutshell 

You see an ugly zit when you look in the mirror and blames yourself for staying up way too late last night for this unsightly break out. The truth is your pimple can’t have grown overnight and there is more to them that actually meets the eye.

Although it seem like you can get a pimple overnight, the truth is an acne blemish begins about 2-3 weeks before they finally break out into the skin’s surface, and what you are actually frowning about it the mirror is the final stage of a much longer process. It all starts in the sebaceous hair follicles or those tiny holes in our skin we call pores. Within each follicle the sebaceous glands work to produce sebum, or the oil that keeps skin moist and pliable. As the skin renew itself, the old cells normally shed gradually to make room for fresh new skin, but in some cases these dead skin block the pores that result to over-accumulation of oil underneath. Bacteria that live on the skin begin to grow and multiply in this site, which trigger an inflammatory response causing a red and angry pore we see as a pimple, at the end of the acne-formation process.

The best way to treat acne

products, Proactiv Solution, skin problems, skin care, beauty

If you have a very resourceful mum like I did, you must have tried a gazillion of remedies to solve your acne woes. You must’ve have tried a number of over-the-counter facial wash hoping to get rid of the zits overnight and you might have even tried numerous beauty soaps to help you get the clear and blemish-free skin you are yearning for. Chances are the lot of them may not yield the most favorable results that you are avidly hoping for. And you will end up getting more zits than you originally have. Why? Because most of these treatments often leave dark marks or scars and do not work to prevent future break outs.

So what exactly is the best solution? Choose the Proactiv way to stop acne, as it prevents acne at the root cause, eventually destroying the acne cycle.

How Proactiv works

products, Proactiv Solution, skin problems, skin care, beauty

You might have tried a number of overnight spot treatments in the past and might have painstakingly applied topical antibiotics to your acne to no avail. You might have even tried oral drugs that poses dangerous side effects, have endured a couple of painful derm clinic injections as well as break your bank because of the exorbitant fees that custom derm pack usually come with and all for nothing.

Why go to all the trouble when you can actually try a solution that actually works sans the painful injection, the expensive derm treatments that hurt your wallet, or the scary side effects?

Proactiv Solution is the world’s leading anti-acne product. Millions of satisfied customers worldwide can attest to the potency of Proactiv, including well-known Hollywood celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Naya Rivera and Justine Beiber. Proactiv Solution contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, a safe and effective dosage that makes Proactiv ideal for daily and long-term use. With its Advanced Microcrystal techonology, it eradicates bacteria faster and gentler than most common treatments.

products, Proactiv Solution, skin problems, skin care, beauty
Proactiv’s 3-combo acne treatment

Proactiv Solution works in 4 easy and effective steps that will get you to say goodbye to unfriendly acne in no time:

  • Step 1 ~ use the Proactiv Renewing Cleanser that works best in removing dead skin cells and ensuring that pores do not get clogged. 
  • Step 2 ~ use the Proactiv Revitalizing toner to remove excess oil to eliminate food for bacteria
  • Step 3 ~ use the Proactiv Repairing Treatment to kill bacteria and prevent proliferation. This is an oil-free formula that is safe for the entire face

You can also use the Free Refining Mask to help reduce inflammation and swelling in case of breakouts.

Proactiv Solution does not only give you an effective solution to your acne problem, it even has a money-back guarantee feature that allows you to return the products you purchased when you are not satisfied. What more can you ask for, right?

To know more about their revolutionary skin solutions, you may check out Proactiv Solution on Facebook,

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  1. WOW! I am glad that I don’t suffer from ACNE because I don’t like them.. and I am glad that there products such as proactiv that can help people who have acnes

    1. i feel the same way! good thing we now have access to these kinds of products in case our kiddos encounter this type of growing pains!

  2. I know a friend of mine who used this and she said it helps a little bit but she still need to go the the derma for better treatment. Good thing I don’t have any issues about acne i just always keep my face clean before going to bed and having a healthy life style.

  3. I tried proactive before and I love it because it gave me a smooth and soft skin. I used that when i started breaking out from sleeping so late.

  4. i hate acne, how i wish i would get rid of them, but i don’t want to try proactiv, ha ha ha

    1. aww, why not? i do hope you find the right product for you that will help you get rid of acne for good!

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