How To Stay Healthy During Rainy Days

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Staying in the pink of health is a lot difficult especially now that the rainy and stormy season abound. But for mums like me, it is really a must that we do stay in tip top shape, especially if we have families and little kids counting on us to prepare every bit of their needs as well as bring them to and from school. It will surely break any mother’s heart to see her child miss school because mum is not feeling well.

There are a few things mums, and dads, too, might want to consider in staying in their best form and gear up for the cold and wet months ahead:

  • Get a Flu shot ~ getting a Flu vaccine is one of the best things anyone can do to help them prepare for the rainy days when cold and cough, as well as fever, also comes in season. By taking a shot, you not only make sure that you will not get the dreaded Flu, you also ensure that you will not pass it along to your little ones.
  • Exercise ~ when the sun is out so is my energy to move about, I bet that’s the same for most people. But the rain should not stop us from moving about and stretching those muscles. Exercising is still one of the best ways to make sure we stay healthy even on the laziest and wettest months of the year.
  • Gear up for the rainy days ~ of course nothing beats being ready so make sure you dress accordingly and stash those umbrellas and raincoats, especially if you are heading out one rainy morning.
  • Eat healthy ~ now that your health is compromised because of the unfriendly weather, all the more that you need to stock up on veggies and fruits to help boost your immune system and keep you from being sick. Soups and tea are also ideal to keep you warm on cold days.
  • Take a food supplement to improve overall health ~ having good blood circulation is essential to the body. Every cell in our body needs to receive oxygen and nutrients. Blood circulation process send vitamins and minerals to the body organs, tissues and cells to nourish them. Circulan promotes good blood circulation in our body. It is a soft gel capsule that contains Hathorn Berry, Ginkgo Biloba, Garlic Oil and Lemon Balm ~ 4 herbal extracts that help promote good blood circulation and overall good health. It is also a food supplement that has FDA-approved benefits. For more than a decade now, Circulan has continuously kept its promise of good health for countless Filipino families.

Putting stock on our health should be at the top of our priorities, after all, we would love to be around much longer to be there for our little children as long as they need us, right? I know I would.

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  1. This is what I like best for every mother. She knows everything for her family. These healthy tips are very helpful and a must for every mother to follow to let her family member especially kids to stay healthy and sickness-free.

  2. Very helpful tips for mothers for the rainy seasons and probably, these tips are also useful to me

  3. I love to listen to the rain drops especially in the summer. I missed my Dad back in my home town 🙁 when it is raining all his grand kids will huddle together and listened to his old stories. My kids loves to play the puddle after the rain with their rain boots and umbrella. There is always something about the rain that attracts me most. I have to figure it out myself.

    1. rain is really fascinating. i remember when we used to play under the rain with my parents when i was little. one of these days am planning to do that with my son, but I have to wait until he is feeling a lot better 🙂

  4. Its a helpful tips during rainy season. Taking food supplement is good to our body, i also used herbal food supplement.

    1. good luck on losing weight sis! i am perpetually on losing-weight mode but nothing seems to work for me 🙁 i could really use losing a lot of my extra pounds

  5. Great tips and now that I became a mother, I make sure as well that I will be healthy coz it is hard if we are sick, no one can take care of our kids.

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