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I have featured my giveaway prize from Working Mama and Dezign With a Z in a previous post. I have also mentioned that Dezign with a Z was very generous to send me another item for review purposes. They gave me an option to choose another product from their wide array of wall stickers and I picked this lovely animal wall decal clock from their clock wall decals section. My little man loves animals and I bet he will delightfully welcome this new addition to our living room wall.  😀

products, product review, Reviews, home furnishings, home
my package from Dezign with a Z

I personally chose this design because I needed a new wall clock at home and choosing this cute and quirky clock wall decal helps me hit two birds with one stone ~ I will get the clock that I needed and add a touch of color and beautiful design to our otherwise all-blue wall. A win-win situation! :laugh:

products, product review, Reviews, home furnishings, home
our brand spankin’ new clock wall decal!

When I got my wall sticker I wasted no time in putting it on my wall and surprisingly, I was able to set it up in a few minutes. I used this lovely little purple plastic square that comes with my package to help me flatten and straighten the clock wall decal on my wall. The only tricky part is how to put the clock mechanism that goes with it. Temporarily, I used a wide double-sided adhesive to glue the mechanism to the wall decal, but I have to find an electric drill so that I can permanently fix it onto my wall eventually. Nevertheless, I simply love how it now adds a touch of lovely design on our living room wall and also allows me to check on the time in a cinch every now and then.

Dezign With a Z in  a nutshell

Wall decals are the most stylish home decor products to date. They revolutionize the art of home designing and interior decorating with easy-to-apply-and-easy-to-remove decorative wall stickers which you can simply put in a surface of choice in your home or transfer to another spot once the mood suggested it. They are also more practical and inexpensive alternative to other home decorating products around. Plus they also make re-designing and re-decorating easy with the option to peel them off any surface with ease and without damage to the surface.

Dezign With a Z offers the widest variety of wall sticker products online. These appealing vinyl wall art decals are designed by young and talented designers from Europe and the US and offers a large collection of abstract designs, floral patterns, characters, music or funny and whimsical themes, sports or nature-inspired art. They even have mirrors and clocks, as well as glow-in-the-dark and writeables decals. They carry every wall sticker design you might need to decorate your nursery {nursery collection}, your toddler or your teens’ rooms, or even your bedroom and your living room {you may choose wall decals for living room here}. They also offer custom wall decals to suit your specification and preference. Now decorating your home or your office can be done in a jiffy with Dezign with a Z!

Mum’s two cents

products, product review, Reviews, home furnishings, home
our newly-designed wall {please excuse the mess}

I actually fell in love with Dezign with a Z’s numerous designs that I found it rather difficult to chose only just one item to review. If I could, I’d really choose a dozen or two. They have the loveliest designs that would easily beautify any space in a room or give instant oomph to any drab space you might have in your office or home at very affordable and reasonable prices, too.  And did you know that they deliver worldwide? And fast, too. I got my package about 2 weeks after I made my order.

The wall decal is made of high-quality and durable material that won’t easily tear when you decide to transfer it to another area in your home . Installing the clock wall decal is easy-peasy, too. You simply have to peel off the back part all the way through and transfer it onto your wall. Flatten it out with the little plastic that comes with the package and viola, an instant room or house makeover! I am loving the instant makeover it gave to our living room wall! I also had a wonderful time putting the decals on my wall that I even cut my other wall decal and delightfully put each star, airplane and cloud onto our bedroom wall!  😀

I give Dezign with a Z 5 thumbs up {my highest rating}!  :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: and recommend that you try it out the next  time you plan your home redecorating project. By the way, you may want to check out this interesting post about tips to apply vinyl wall quotes if you ever plan to put up lovely wall decals in your homes.


To know more about their company and their product do visit their website at Also, they are currently having the World Music Day! promo and you can get avail of 15% off on all music decals and even get a free note decal simply by using the code MUSIC13 at check out!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I was given a free item for review purposes, however, views and opinions stated here are 100% my own. 

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  1. I checked out their website and you’re right, they do have lots of cool designs. I particularly like their
    Glow T-Rex Dino wall decals coz my son loves dinosaurs. He actually has a hanging 6-foot tall roaring dino carved from styrofoam which, I’m sure perfectly matches the wall design. It’s also nice to know they ship worldwide. 🙂

    1. no problem! i hope you find something of interest from the music collection as they are having a 15% promo on them 🙂

    1. easy-peasy! you can even ask your little one’s to help you put them on the wall, especially those that come in small bits

  2. It’s nice to have decals in our kids bedroom, but we live in an apartment and I don’t know if the landlord will like it. It might damage the wall.

    1. oh, did i forget to mention i live in an apartment, too?i just love the wall decals i had to put them on our wall. I will just worry about removing it + damaging the wall afterwards, after all, we have no plans of moving out any time soon! 😉

  3. I have seen many reviews of this beautiful company 🙂 I am glad that you got a chance to do a review. The wall clock is beautiful. I bet your son loves it 🙂

  4. I was wondering what is decals for I am not familiar with them. I learn later that they are designs in a special paper used for wall paper. These are best option for wall painting for they easy to transfer or paste.

    1. sorry about that, i should have provided a bit of background trivia here. yes, they are decorative special paper that functions much like wall paper, only they are easier to install + you can even remove them + place them in another part of your house if you want.

  5. i love their wall decals too, although i have waited for quite sometime to get them, i’ts totally worth it.

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