Mum Finds: Del Monte Fruitastic, A Fruity Baon Idea

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The little man loves pineapple juice so much that I always make it a point to have a pitcher in our fridge all the time. I am considering bringing along his favorite drink whenever we are on the go and whenever he goes to playschool that is why I was so excited to find out about Del Monte Fruitastic Pineapple Juice the last time we were doing our grocery duties at the local Robinsons Supermarket.

Now I can easily stash a pack or two of this pineapple goodness sans the mess. I can easily put some on Jared’s school bag so he can have his daily dose of pineapple juice during recess time. It even has a buy-4-and-get-1-free promo at that time so I readily added a pack to our grocery cart.

Hopefully the little man enjoys this pineapple juice in tetra pack as much as he enjoys the canned ones.

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