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Mums are much like shepherds, won’t you agree? We are our children’s guide in helping them become better individuals and at the same time preparing them for when it’s time for them to grow up and face the world on their own. It is a mum’s duty to ensure that her children are heading the right track while giving them ample space and time to learn on their own and establish their individuality.

This is the same philosophy of Welch’s latest efforts that I am excited to share with you today. The world-famous grape juice brand just came up with a cute game, Trail the Bunch, recently. Basically the principle of the game is to help the Good Grape find its way back to the Good Bunch. Easy-peasy, right?

Here are the mechanics of the game:

  • Like Welch’s PH on Facebook to access the Trail the Bunch Game
  • Using your mouse pointer, find the Good Grape’s way back to the Good Bunch
  • Collect the “Get Additional Points” or “Get Rid Of Bugs”  images that you will find along the vines
  • Make sure not to touch the vines and the game’s bugs so your game will not go back to start

Prizes up for grabs:

announcement, contest alert

Those who complete all levels and register get to qualify for the weekly raffle of Welch’s Gift Packs. Top Scorer of All Time will get a chance to win a Sony PS3 Super Slim!

I just tried the game and this looks like something I can thoroughly enjoy. I am not at Level 3! Earning points is really easy, too!

To try Welch’s Trail the Bunch now, click here:

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