4 Ways To Keep Children Healthy During Rainy Days

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The rainy season is probably the most frustrating time of the year for us mums. This is when our little ones get sick the most. May that be with flu or cough and colds, it really is heartbreaking for us to see our children suffer from different symptoms which also keeps them away from their favorite activities like going to school or playing outside.

It might be impossible for our children to be in the pink of health at all times, especially during the rainy season due to the weather changes but there are certain things we can do to ensure that we boost their immune system and over-all health so they will not easily catch cold and any sickness during this time.

Here are 3 ways on how you can ensure your children’s health even during the rainy season:

  • Teach them to wash their hands regularly ~ a good personal hygiene is a basic building block to healthy living and this early teach your little ones to make it a habit to wash their hands regularly especially before eating, after going to the bathroom and coming home from the playground or from playschool.
  • Serve them nutritious meals ~ a healthy eating habit is always key to achieving good health so make sure that you give your kiddos the right amount of vitamins and nutrients by giving them their regular serving of fruits, vegetables and other healthy food. 
  • Give them vitamins ~ to boost their immune system and ensure that they do not easily catch different weather-related ailments, it is best to give them a dose of Vitamin C, as well as other essential nutrients, found in children’s vitamins and other food supplements, to keep them protected and keep the illnesses at bay.
  • Have them vaccinated ~ a flu shot is your sure-fire way to protect your child from the bug so book your next pedia appointment to ensure that his vaccines are up-to-date.
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  1. My kids get sick during the Fall or Winter because of the freezing weather outside :-( They stop taking vitamins since their sister and their niece came for a visit about 3 weeks now :-) I need to give them the vitamins to protect them from getting sick :-)

  2. I do agree. Those tips can really help our kids to be healthy during rainy days and every day.

  3. we really make sure the kids don’t forget to take their vitamins! we just could not afford to be sick these days! thanks for the helpful tips, sis!

  4. Your tips are not only confined with during rainy days. It could even be observed for the entire life of the kids, Am I not right?

  5. My kids start to get sick once thy go back to school :-( I it is weird :-( They are taking their vitamins to kep them healthy :-) They are very active kids as well :-)

  6. Whenever my daughter gets sick, I’m just a huge mess. I get so worried and all. She’s now just recovering from a cough. I have to get her to eat more.

    1. I know exactly what you mean! It really is quite a nerve-wracking experience for mums when our children get sick. Get well soon to your little girl + I do hope she gets her appetite back soon enough.

  7. I never like the feeling when my little boy get sick. I’m very blessed working on a company which come our “family first” they always giving our dependents a vaccine for influenza vaccine, Hepa etc every year. I never let my little boy missed the date because its every important to my child to be healthy.

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