A Financial Checklist for Expectant Mums

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Expecting a baby can be a mixed bag of emotions for many parents, especially with a few extra hormones in the mix. Although you are probably looking forward to seeing your little bundle of joy, extra financial worries can often creep into your pregnancy. By creating a checklist during this time, hopefully you can manage this extra burden and focus on the more positive things in life. Here is a little checklist with some pre-baby planning ideas to help get you started.

Free dental care

Several links have been made between poor dental health and our overall health. Several studies have found prominent links to gum disease and low birth weights as well as premature births. As an expectant mum, you are more prone to gum disease due to hormone changes. If you notice sore or bleeding gums, head to the dentist straight away. Due to these risks, your GP will offer you a card which will entitle you to free dental care which you can use during your pregnancy and up to one year after the birth of your baby.

Register your baby

In England and Wales, the law requires you to register the birth of your baby within 42 days. If this deadline is not met, you will be fined £200, which will feel like a huge amount with an extra mouth to feed. You can register either at a registry office or in the hospital before you leave. There is no fee and the process will only take around 30 minutes.

money talks, money matters, parenting 101, tips + tricks


It is common for first time parents to overspend on basically everything. If you talk to parents with more than one child, they will often say that they spent too much on things for their first born. Although you want this time to be special and lovely, your main focus should be on practical must-haves and having enough money to feed and house your child. Your baby will probably spend more time playing with a cardboard box rather than an expensive toy. Join some online forums or a parenting group in your area for helpful advice and tips.


Many mothers feel that they need to take on the role of a stay-at-home mum because of costly childcare fees. In a bid to get more mums back into work, the government are offering childcare tax credit. The HMRC sets out a rough guide in their child tax credit leaflet. It states that you ‘may get an award of tax credits’ if you have a household income up to £26,000 with one child or a total income of £32,000 with two children. Look at the HMRC website of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau for more information.

money talks, money matters, parenting 101, tips + tricks

Discount baby shopping

Annual baby bills can really take a chunk out of earnings. Sign up to some baby clubs to arm yourself with some hidden discounts on food, toys and other baby items next time you hit the shops. Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Boots all have their own baby clubs which offer discount vouchers on all your everyday items as well as free samples for you to try at home. Look out for some Asda baby discount events throughout the year either in store or online.

Some extra cash

It can be easy to get yourself into a spin when you are pregnant. With so many things to sort out, you may miss out on a HMRC tax refund and other payouts that you are entitled to. Why not head to https://www.riftuk.com/ to find out if you are eligible for some extra cash this year?

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