Book Review: Jared’s Happy 4th Birthday Book From I See Me

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Not too long ago, I was approached by I See Me if they can send over a free sample in exchange for an honest review. Books are my absolute loves and a personalized book for the little man {or for anyone in any age} is all right in my book, and I believe in anyone’s book, at any given time! :-))

books, reviews, book reviews, children's books

From a wide array of exciting books for children to choose from, I opted for this Very Happy Birthday Personalized Book for Boys. It was rather timely as my son will be celebrating his 4th birthday this month. A few weeks after I submitted my request for this book, we received the parcel at home. The book tucked safely in a sea of bubblewraps to ensure that my son gets it in the best of condition.

I See Me Books in a nutshell

books, reviews, book reviews, children's books
Jared’s Very Happy 4th Birthday book!

The I See Me Books are unlike most run-of-the-mill books you can simply purchase at any physical bookstores or any book shops online. They are personalized with your children’s faces and names, with your children playing a part of the book and being an important part of the story. Now, I know most mums will agree that there is nothing that thrills our kids that most, from the little babies to the ever-impressionable toddlers, than to see their faces or read their names on print! Call them little narcissists but they do get a kick at seeing their faces in just about anywhere, or reading their names on stuff they own, when they are a bit older.

books, reviews, book reviews, children's books

Out of a wide variety of I See Me books available, one of the other reasons why I opted for the Happy Birthday Book is that my son is now in the his reading-my-letters phase. He can now read all the letters of the alphabet and although he is still hard-up on stringing these letters into words, he can now spell his own name and recognize them when he sees it. I am sure he will be delighted to read his name in every page of this personalized book. Besides he also enjoys reading and is now rediscovering his love for mum-reading-aloud so he will surely have a fascinating time hearing me read all about the animals’ adventure in helping prepare a special birthday party for him! And did I mention he loves animals? Plus it is also a perfect tool to build up his anticipation for his upcoming birthday! 😀

books, reviews, book reviews, children's books
an invitation to the baker + the very first page of the book

Mum’s two cents

books, reviews, book reviews, children's books
the little man enjoying his new book!

Books are ever the perfect gift and personalizing them to feature the recipient’s face or name makes them all the more special. That is why I give I See Me books :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:! The words and the plot of our Birthday book are easy enough for my toddler to understand and appreciate, too, so I am sure he not only likes the book but enjoys reading it as well. I also love that the book is hardbound and the pages are made with hard, thick quality paper. I am sure we can enjoy it for a very long time. Did I say the little man also found another purpose for it? He uses it as a platform for his minion toys to stand on whenever he plays with them!  :laugh:

A swift delivery service is also a must for every online product, you wouldn’t appreciate waiting for it with anticipation for days on end, right? That is why I commend I See Me books for such a fast shipping and delivery. Plus the wide variety of personalized books they carry also merits a big yes from me! Choose from their wide arrays of available books that suit your little ones best, from adventure to fairy tale to pirate books, from ABC books to name storybook or the new Very Important Pre-schooler book. It will be difficult to choose just one book! 🙂

By the way, I See Me personalized books is currently having a giveaway where a Grand Prize of $100 Visa Card and 5 Personalized books are up for grabs. Monogrammed t-shirts, plush frogs and Free Shipping certificate will also be given away to 1,000 runners-up. Enter the Summer Reading Sweepstakes here! Good luck! 🙂

To join their current giveaways or to know more about their products, you may visit the I See Me website, You may also follow them through any or all of their social media accounts:

Disclaimer: Mumwrites is not compensated for this post. I did receive a product in exchange for an honest review, but opinions and view expressed here are 100% my own

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  1. How unfortunate that you post came in late for Kailey who also turned 4! I would have loved to give this to her for she’s indeed overly fascinated reading and spelling her name. In fact, she only requested a Disney princess book and a blackboard for her birthday. I guess I’ll go visit iseeme site and check out something for her birthday next year! 🙂 There might be something for Kuya and the baby as well. 😉

    1. this post would’ve have been up earlier had it not been for my faulty broadband service. My apologies, but I do hope you find something for Kuya + the baby! 🙂

  2. Like mom, like son — a bookworm. 😉 That’s a cool personalized book there. I love to have for my Sarah too. 🙂 By the way, happy 4th bday Jared!

    1. you should get one for your little angel, i am sure she will love it! 🙂 thanks for the birthday greetings! 😀

  3. Look at the young one reading the book. Looks like he is interested. I See Me is a lovely book to have. 🙂 I love that is so personalized. 🙂 Happy 4th Birthday!

    1. he did enjoy browsing books + he looks like he can already read? won’t you agree! thanks for the advanced greetings! ^_^

  4. OMG! That is so awesome that he has a book with his name on it!! I know my kids would love personalized books too! 😀

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