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There can be nothing worse than getting just a week into the school summer holidays and you find you have run out of ideas to keep the kid entertained. They get bored, they get cranky and that has got to be a stay a home parent’s worst nightmare. Often once they reach the bored stage not a lot will shake them out of it. However if like me you get stuck for ideas fairly quickly you can visit a few online sites for help. There are both mum and dad blogs around that offer great ideas of something you could do as a family. It could be as simple as just taking a camera with you when you go out, or organizing a family outing, you may find soon you’re spoilt for choices.

The wanderingbeansprout blog is something a little bit different; it is a series of pictures taken from different cafes that the dad has taken his daughter to. As you hover over the image it flips to reveal text stating the location and the date. Click on to the image and it opens up a window that includes the picture in a larger size and a small blog about that days happenings. As it is such a unique way to blog, this has to be on the top of everyone’s ‘must follow’ list. is something more than a stay at home daddy blogger. He is also a writer who has had work in the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. named ‘the best daddy blog in cyberspace’ so that is really quite an achievement. According to his about me page he does all of that and still has time for hobbies, his children and sports. I am thinking maybe he should have named his site is a nice little blog that is set to become great. The outdoors dad extols the virtues of the great outdoors. It draws on memories of the author of the blog being outdoors on family trips when he was younger. It could help to get some of the couch potato kid’s way from their computer games and out in the fresh air. Now, I am not knocking those who love to stay indoors, I am not a fan of the creepy crawly so camping doesn’t appeal to me, but if my kids really wanted to do it I would happily go along with them. I have walking boots, I would happily follow the nature trails, and if they really wanted to I would happily bait their hook for fishing. How many times did I say ‘happily’? Maybe happily is too strong a word, but either way, getting my kids outside would be wonderful. If I had to suffer it to spend time with them doing something they wanted to do, then so be it.

Not all dad blogs are review of the latest gadgets, movies or computer games, sure there are plenty of those out there, but if you are looking for something just that little bit different, it really isn’t hard to find.

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